Spontaneously Inked

I like to categorize myself on the line between spontaneity and responsibility—as a responsibly spontaneous person, if you will. And I think the story I'm about to tell you is really going to highlight that characteristic of my personality. Tattoos have a kind of painful, artistic, wild-child connotation to them. Sometimes they're perceived with an … Continue reading Spontaneously Inked

Coffee Crawl: Rocket Brothers Espresso

Drive-thru services have long been under appreciated, and it's honestly such a shame. Not only are they incredibly convenient—can someone say "pajamas?"—but with the still-present health crisis looming over us, they're a great way to continue implementing safe distancing practices in our day-to-day routines. Drive-thrus are most commonly seen with regards to fast food places—rarely … Continue reading Coffee Crawl: Rocket Brothers Espresso

Coffee Crawl: Coffee House on Cherry Street

Today we're visiting another popular Tulsa coffee shop--Coffee House on Cherry Street. I haven't had that many interactions with this cozy coffee shop until recently. It's not that I didn't like it before, I just didn't have any feelings about it whatsoever. But slowly and surely, CHOCS (the apparent local shorthand) is becoming a fan … Continue reading Coffee Crawl: Coffee House on Cherry Street