Traveling is one of my greatest joys. From European adventures to outdoor hikes, I’m always down to explore.

After recently traveling to all 50 of the United States, I’ve started working on compiling my stories into guides to help you experience all the charm and diversity this country has to offer! Check the USA page for new posts!

Find some of my favorite travel stories down below!

Five Lessons Learned From Solo Traveling to All 50 States

I’ve shared a lot about my experience solo traveling to all 50 states — how I build in days to work while constantly traveling, how I maximize the space in my car for traveling and even some of my favorite cities and states I’ve seen while traveling. But today I’m sharing both the realest reasons…

A Day in My Life | How I Work While on the Road

Full-time travel isn’t all fun and games. Quite often I have to set aside days to focus on getting some work done, so I can keep traveling. This can be work I need to do on my computer, but also work I need to do for my life — like running errands and setting time…

Turning My Car Into a Traveling Home

After traveling all across the United States — driving specifically — I’ve learned a thing or two about how to turn my humble car into a comfortable home. And today, I’m going to be sharing with you just how I’ve done it. I hope my little car tour was both entertaining and informative. And I…

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