Answering Your Travel Questions

I’m shy to call myself an expert. But I do know that I’m more well-versed in the world of travel than most people. And because I feel so passionately about the subject, I thought I’d take the opportunity to try and answer all of your questions about travel!

A long list of questions means a long video answering them. If you missed some of my answers, I’ve tried to include shorter versions of them down below, but make sure to watch the whole video for the full picture. I’ve also included links to all of my previous videos that I mentioned in this one — the favorites video and the video on all the lessons I’ve learned from my travels.

As promised, here’s a summary of all my answers to your travel questions — 

Favorites are hard to narrow down. Because every place has something wondrous to offer its visitors if you take the time out to look. But if I had to, I would say that North Carolina is my favorite state, the Netherlands is my favorite country, and flying is my favorite form of travel transportation, but I would definitely consider traveling by other means as well.

My dream travel destination right now is New Zealand, which I hope to visit some time in the next year. Until then, I’ll probably stick to some smaller, domestic trips. Maybe even van life? I actually talk about how I considered van life at one point in the video! I also talk about how I considered moving to several different cities I’ve traveled to and how I hope to convey all the nuances I love about each city in the state guides!

I’ve always loved to travel. And I wanted that passion to drive how I lived my life. I started traveling solo specifically because I didn’t want someone else’s schedule to determine whether or not I could travel somewhere or try something. And that experience of choosing to travel solo taught me so many valuable skills — like how I afford to travel and how I deal with fear and safety while traveling.

Even though I travel solo — for months at a time even — there are still certain situations where I thrive in traveling with a group. I don’t ever really miss home when I’m away. But if you do, there’s no shame in cutting a trip short to go back home. There’s also nothing wrong with extending a trip if you’re enjoying your time away.

Packing cubs are a travel must-have for me. I don’t favor rolling or folding my clothes when I’m packing because I think there are specific instances where one method might be better than the other. So I like to utilize both. Similarly, I like to utilize both my suitcase and my backpack when traveling. I could definitely see myself backpacking other countries solo some day or even camp backing with friends.

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