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I’m Samantha Sabio—blogger, traveler, dreamer, and potato lover. In the pages of this website, you’ll find posts about my latest shenanigans, reviews on coffee shops I’ve visited across the United States, poems from some of my latest collections, and more. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone, so make sure to stick around and check it out!

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Spontaneously Inked

I like to categorize myself on the line between spontaneity and responsibility—as a responsibly spontaneous person, if you will. And I think the story I’m about to tell you is really going to highlight that characteristic of my personality. Tattoos have a kind of painful, artistic, wild-child connotation to them. Sometimes they’re perceived with an … Continue reading Spontaneously Inked

The Art of Being Alone

Being alone in this day and age is almost unheard of. Everybody needs alone time every once in a while, but typically that time is spent reading a book in a comfortable location or treating yourself to a mani/pedi. Rarely ever does being alone mean traveling somewhere you’ve never been before with the task of … Continue reading The Art of Being Alone

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