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Manifest 2023 | From Past to Future

It’s Manifest time once again! Only… a little bit different this time. For those longtime followers of the blog, you know that my first post of the year is always a new Manifest list. And for those of you who are new here, my Manifest list serves as sort of a new year’s resolutions list.…

Fast Favs from Traveling to All 50 States

I’ve picked up a few favorites from all the places I’ve traveled — namely the United States. So I’ve put together a list of not-so “fast favs” from having traveled to all 50 states. What are some of your favorites from traveling the United States? This list was solely my own, so I’d love to…

My One Day Guide to Colorado Springs | Colorado Springs, CO

If you caught last week’s post, then you know that I’ve recently taken a trip to one of my favorite weekend-ish vacation spots—Colorado Springs, CO. I say “ish” only because where I live is actually about a day’s drive away, so having more than a weekend to explore is definitely ideal. But I’ll take what…