In the pages of this website lie the thoughts of a blogger, a student, an artist, a dreamer. I write what I see, what I do, what I feel. And I want you to come on this journey with me.

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Check out some of my favorite stories down below!

Spontaneously Inked

I like to categorize myself on the line between spontaneity and responsibility—as a responsibly spontaneous person, if you will. And I think the story I’m about to tell you is really going to highlight that characteristic of my personality. Tattoos have a kind of painful, artistic, wild-child connotation to them. Sometimes they’re perceived with an … Continue reading Spontaneously Inked

The Art of Being Alone

Being alone in this day and age is almost unheard of. Everybody needs alone time every once in a while, but typically that time is spent reading a book in a comfortable location or treating yourself to a mani/pedi. Rarely ever does being alone mean traveling somewhere you’ve never been before with the task of … Continue reading The Art of Being Alone

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