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How I Pack For Long-Term Travel

Packing is highly overlooked when it comes to preparing for travel. But it’s definitely not something you should leave to the very last minute especially when you’re considering long-term travel. Utilize every area of space you have in your luggage items like I attempt to do in this final video of my pre-trip process travel…

How I Budget For Long-Term Travel

Budgeting for travel is one of the most crucial steps in the early stages of preparing for a trip. Making sure you’ve got a solid trip budget can help ease your mind and give you the freedom to enjoy it without having to worry about how to finance it. Let me show you exactly how…

How I Plan For Long-Term Travel

I know not everyone is particularly good at or enjoys detailed travel planning. I, however, am not like everyone. Because I love it. So I thought I’d share my exhaustive travel planning process with you! I hope this video helps you when it comes to planning your next trip! Just in case you need another…

Answering Your Travel Questions

I’m shy to call myself an expert. But I do know that I’m more well-versed in the world of travel than most people. And because I feel so passionately about the subject, I thought I’d take the opportunity to try and answer all of your questions about travel! A long list of questions means a…

Fast Favs from Traveling to All 50 States

I’ve picked up a few favorites from all the places I’ve traveled — namely the United States. So I’ve put together a list of not-so “fast favs” from having traveled to all 50 states. What are some of your favorites from traveling the United States? This list was solely my own, so I’d love to…