Fast Favs from Traveling to All 50 States

I’ve picked up a few favorites from all the places I’ve traveled — namely the United States. So I’ve put together a list of not-so “fast favs” from having traveled to all 50 states.

What are some of your favorites from traveling the United States? This list was solely my own, so I’d love to hear what opinions you have on Best Views, Most Things To Do and more! And in case you missed some, I’ve listed all my favorites again down below.

Best Views — Alaska

Best Food — the Atlantic Northeast (ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT)

Best Mountains — Colorado and Vermont

Best Foliage — Vermont

Best Hiking (in a National Park) the Smokey Mountains (TN) and Yellowstone (WY)

Favorite National Park Glacier National Park (MT)

Best Beaches the Florida Keys and Maui (HI)

Best Coastline the Pacific Coast Highway (CA, OR, WA)

Most Historical Savannah (GA)

Most Things To Do New York City (NY)

Wildest / Most Unique Views Utah

Most Expensive Hawaii and Alaska

Most Affordable Oklahoma and Iowa

Overall Most Unexpected Favorite North Carolina

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