Manifest 2023 | From Past to Future

It’s Manifest time once again! Only… a little bit different this time.

For those longtime followers of the blog, you know that my first post of the year is always a new Manifest list. And for those of you who are new here, my Manifest list serves as sort of a new year’s resolutions list. I come up with goals I want to accomplish in the new year across nine different categories of my life.

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of these Manifests and I haven’t always followed through with a lot of them. Which is why this year, in addition to coming up with one new goal per category, I’ve also taken an unaccomplished goal from a previous Manifest and applied it again to this one. All of the finer details are explained in this year’s Manifest video — another new aspect of this year’s Manifest list. Check it out!

If you missed any of my Manifest goals in the video, you can find them all down below. I’ve also listed the categories I use when I Manifest, so you guys can start your own list for the new year too! Let me know some of the things you’re going to manifest in 2023 down in the comments!


Travel with my brother (carried over from my 2021 Manifest list)

Monthly family dates (NEW in 2023)


Travel with friends (carried over from my 2021 & 2022 Manifest list)

Standing friends dates (NEW in 2023)


Become a travel writer (carried over from my 2021 Manifest list)

Succeed at making post videos (NEW in 2023)


Open a retirement fund (carried over from my 2021 Manifest list)

Open a business bank account (NEW in 2023)


Maintain a nighttime routine (carried over from my 2022 Manifest list)

Take up a new fitness activity — yoga, rock climbing, etc. (NEW in 2023)


Decorate for the holidays (carried over from my 2022 Manifest list)

Decorate home office (NEW in 2023)


Stay in a hostel abroad (carried over from my 2021 Manifest list)

Travel to a new international destination (NEW in 2023)


Make at least one new couple friend (carried over from my 2022 Manifest list)

Manifest together (NEW in 2023)

Fun / Self

Do something for myself at least once a month

Pet a penguin (always)

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