Five Lessons Learned From Solo Traveling to All 50 States

I’ve shared a lot about my experience solo traveling to all 50 states — how I build in days to work while constantly traveling, how I maximize the space in my car for traveling and even some of my favorite cities and states I’ve seen while traveling. But today I’m sharing both the realest reasons of why I love traveling and what I think are the most important lessons I’ve learned from it.

Watching this video back, I still have so much more I wish I could articulately more clearly to you or tell you about. But I hope what I did talk about in the video made sense and sticks with you when you come to think about solo travel. If you need a recap of my five lessons, I’ve included one down below. And if you’ve been solo traveling before, share some of your tips and tricks with us in the comments section! I’d love to hear them and start a helpful discussion promoting the wonder of solo travel!

Lesson Number 1 — Traveling minimally is an important lesson to learn when you’re solo traveling for extended periods of time. Be mindful of what items you actually need to have with you and how you can best utilize your space.

Lesson Number 2 — Solo traveling in the United States is different than solo traveling anywhere else. The United States isn’t set up for solo travel. Which means aspects of solo traveling, like getting from place to place — without your own transportation — or paying for things — without a plan or a budget, can be difficult and expensive. It’s just something to keep in mind if you’re going to solo travel — or even just travel in general in the United States.

Lesson Number 3 — Learn how to handle your loneliness. Solo travel comes with a lot of challenges and a maybe underestimated one is loneliness. In the video I talk about not only how you might be able to recognize loneliness in your travels, but also how you can overcome it.

Lesson Number 4 — Stay safe while you’re solo traveling. Maybe surprisingly, staying safe while solo isn’t as scary as it may seem. Like I mention in the video, while safety is something you want to keep in mind, it’s more about common sense than anything else.

Lesson Number 5 — There is an art to being alone. Solo travel can be lonely and awkward. But it can also be beautiful and empowering. Learning how to be alone with yourself is one of the best things you can do to maximize your time solo traveling. And I hope my video and this blog post have helped get you there in some small way!

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