Coffee Crawl: Coffee House on Cherry Street

Today we’re visiting another popular Tulsa coffee shop–Coffee House on Cherry Street. I haven’t had that many interactions with this cozy coffee shop until recently. It’s not that I didn’t like it before, I just didn’t have any feelings about it whatsoever. But slowly and surely, CHOCS (the apparent local shorthand) is becoming a fan favorite.

I know in this summer heat, patio seating isn’t always something we’re looking for in a coffee shop. But it’s nice to have the option. And that’s exactly what CHOCS gives us. The patio stretches across the length of the entire store, providing more than enough outdoor seating for multiple parties at once. There are also some Edison bulbs hanging from the overhead cover and a small brick fireplace for light and warmth on colder nights. From all the coffee shops I’ve reviewed, none have a patio like this–which means major points for CHOCS.


Seating inside is plenty too. They’ve got high top tables, benches, and a sofa. I love the variety because it’s perfect for spreading work out in front of me or cuddling up to read a good book. In reality, it really isn’t that big of a place. It’s easy to notice when there are a lot of people because the tables are all full and so close together. But I appreciate the effort they put in to make it seem like there’s plenty of space. It works.


The art work on the wall is simple, but really different and often has me staring. It’s also changed a few times over the years, which I think is an easy way to keep things fresh. And I have to call attention to the detail of each wall–the subtle change from drywall to brick, from cream paint to brown. It’s fairly insignificant, but totally finishes the ensemble–like a purse to an outfit.


I got a cool iced mocha to-go, no bakery item. The coffee was strong for my taste, but there was plenty for the five dollars I paid for it. Something else I find difficult about coming to CHOCS is their non-existent parking lot. Like when the seating is full inside the store, no parking is another clear sign the shop is popping. Apart from the five spots lining the side of the building, there isn’t a lot of space to park your car nearby. I’ve definitely had to drive around the block a couple times, and have even had to park down the street just to get inside. It’s a little bit frustrating, especially when I’ve driven so far just to get there.


Comfort and aesthetic are this coffee shop’s strong points. Coffee and parking are areas for improvement. My complaints are typically small and quickly fixed–and once they are, I always leave with a positive attitude. That’s why I’m giving CHOCS an 8/10.


Thoughts? Comments? You know where to leave them! Next week I’m going to be doing another [SERIES] Coffee Crawl where I review a coffee shop with multiple locations (see: Coffee Crawl: Starbucks). Make sure to tune in!


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