Coffee Crawl: Starbucks

It’s everyone’s favorite mainstream coffee shop! Even though some coffee lovers may snub this commercial store, they have a vast fanbase. They cater to both those majoring in the art of coffee and those who are just having their first taste. Their reach is so broad, they’re able to utilize a unique rewards system with discounts and promotions. In America alone there are over 13,000 Starbucks locations, and I’m sure there are just as many across the globe.

Having been to handful of Starbucks stores, I sampled a few around my hometown. Sizes vary- the one closest to my house only has a couple small tables along one wall and some armchairs next to the bar. But this one, pictured below, has room for a giant stone fireplace!


Regardless of the store, most utilize strategic lighting placement and interesting art displays to give it that coffee shop vibe that most smaller cafés normally just have. That’s the thing about Starbucks- they don’t ever have as much charm as a local business. But maybe that’s not the worst thing- let’s not forget “13,000 locations.”

Since it’s the holiday season, I got myself a Grande Peppermint Mocha- my favorite drink to get this time of year. Sometimes if I’m not staying in the store, I’ll get it extra hot so it doesn’t cool too fast in the winter wind. Applause for their customization.


If you’re not a big coffee fan, no worries! Starbucks has plenty of options for whatever mood you’re in. Hot chocolate or chai are great options if it’s chilly outside- although I’m biased toward the iced chai. There may be a couple more options when the weather is warmer. Their refreshers are light and cooling for those on-the-go, full-of-activity days. Frappuccinos are also a good option if you’re looking for a sweet milkshake-type drink.

Starbucks is a convenience if you need a quick pick-me-up while running errands. It’s not quite a sit down and chat kind of place, like most traditional coffee shops are. That, along with the beautifully designed mugs on display and the coupons they constantly email you, is how they keep themselves in the running. But it works.

It’s an 8/10 from me. Don’t agree? Tell me what your rating is in the comments section below! And if you have a suggestion for a coffee shop I should review, make a note of that too! Keep an eye out for the next Coffee Crawl post- we’re going back to local, so get excited!


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