Stress and busy schedules are no foreign concept to me. And sometimes this makes it hard to celebrate the little successes in my life. But the things we accomplish deserve as much attention as the things we want to change. Because if we don’t celebrate, then what are we working toward?

I’m not saying there isn’t always room for improvement and I’m definitely not one to lecture in this department. If anything, this is more of a reminder to myself than a message for anyone else. But in honor of Thanksgiving, I find myself wanting to be more thankful for everything I’ve experienced in life. This year has by no means been an easy one for me. And more times than one have I wanted to give up, to quit. But while my workload may not be the easiest and my friends may not always know the right things to say, the moments I decide to focus on the positives are the moments that make me the happiest- those are the moments I remember the most. Because those are the moments when I’ve chosen to be thankful.

Next time you fail or something doesn’t go exactly your way, instead of focusing on the negative aspects of your situation, think of all of the good things that can come out of it. Because there are good things- you just have to be open to them. You deserve to celebrate- because you are too blessed to be stressed.



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