Coffee Crawl: THE RETURN

And we’re back! What a lengthy commercial break. The Coffee Crawl series has certainly had an unstable life since its conception, but hopefully that doesn’t affect its interest too much. Each post is still crafted with a thoughtful mind, and if one thing is certain to continue, it’s that. I must admit, after a year-long caffeine withdrawal, I’m quite ready to get back into some coffee drinking with you all!

But because it has been a year, I’m sure a lot of you don’t remember much about the places we’ve already been to–it’s okay, I don’t remember much of the details either… And while you should definitely just go back through the site and read them all (oh look, I even included all the links below for you), I figured I would go through and just recap them in this handy-dandy return post.

Here are those links I promised:

Gypsy Coffee House

Nordaggio’s Coffee

Shades of Brown

Gray Owl Coffee (Norman, OK)


Stella Nova (Norman, OK)

Cuppies & Joe (Oklahoma City, OK)

All of our coffee shop visits have been concentrated in the state of Oklahoma, most in my hometown of Tulsa. I do attend college at the University of Oklahoma (BOOMER), so there are a few in that area as well. At each place we primarily focus on the look or aesthetic and the coffee and snacks. If I find aspects like popularity–so how many people are usually concentrated in the shop at one time–or distance–whether of not the drive out to this place is worth it–compelling, I’ll try to mention those to. Ringing some bells?

Gypsy Coffee House was one of the first coffee shops I visited back in middle school! And seeing it again seven years later was like a blast from the past–literally not a thing had changed. With a sun-covered back patio and a wide array of literature to indulge in, it gets a 7/10.

Nordaggio’s Coffee was very upscale, but also very packed. And it’s a little further away from where I live. But it’s in a fairly busy part of town, so I’m sure it gets a lot of good business. And they’re unique in the sense that they roast their own coffee! I mean, I’ve got to give them a 7/10 just for that.

Shades of Brown is my favorite coffee shop in Tulsa. It really embodies the heart of a coffee shop. They even sell paintings and mugs. It’s a 10/10 from me.

Gray Owl Coffee was our first DESTINATION coffee shop. It’s probably one of the busiest coffee shops in Norman, OK–at least for the average college student. Gray Owl is at a great location, at the heart of Norman, and inside it’s spacious and clean in it’s appearance. But personally, I couldn’t overlook that crowd and that’s why it ranked 6/10.

Everybody loves a good Starbucks drink every now and then. And because of its convenience and location availability, it ranks 8/10 for me.

Stella Nova was another DESTINATION coffee shop in Norman, OK. When I first reviewed the place, it had only been open for a couple of months. It’s a very modern shop, and because of that, it can seem a little less comfortable and friendly when compared to the other shops we’ve been to. Everything about the place was pretty average so I gave it a generous average score–7/10, although I’d probably go 6/10 now.

The only thing I don’t love about this next coffee shop is how busy it always is. Like Gray Owl, Cuppies & Joe in Oklahoma City is almost always packed. But the shop itself is quaint, and its tiny details–from mismatched furniture to coffee served in Mason jars–earn it an 8/10.


And that was just a quick run-down of all the coffee shops we’ve already crawled. Stay tuned for the continuation of our favorite series here at samanthasabio. I’m taking coffee shop suggestions for the next coffee shop I should visit, so leave me comments below if you have one! I’ll see you guys next month!


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