[DESTINATION] Coffee Crawl: Cuppies & Joe

Welcome to Oklahoma City lovelies! This upscale, yet homestyle café sits just a couple miles off the highway, and is for sure a hot spot for coffee lovers everywhere. Cuppies & Joe shares the immediate area and a parking lot in the back with a salon and a couple other stores. But the coffee shop definitely owns the block with its welcoming wooden exterior and simple outdoor patio. It can get a bit warm outside, especially in these summer months, so shading options might be a good investment for this developing business.


It looks small from the outside, but once you enter, there’s plenty of seating available. There are places to lounge and read, as well as separate rooms with tables if you need a more structured study area. I tend to take up a lot of space when I get down to work, so I like that wherever I sit there’s always room for me to sprawl out. While there’s normally a healthy flow of people filtering through, there’s still a pretty good chance of finding a comfortable place to sit. And there’s an even better chance of landing somewhere the sunlight can seep through the open windows.


There definitely isn’t a set theme to Cuppies & Joe. But every piece of furniture or wall decoration works with everything else in the shop. The whole place has a very casual feel to it- like you’re just hanging out in your best friend’s living room.

The counter is definitely the fashion pinnacle of the whole place. Everything on display is clean- from the words on the menu to the cupcakes on the platters. But it doesn’t feel like the staff tried too hard to keep it that way.  Everything is effortless- and it works. Oh and if the line happens to be longer than usual, there are coffee beans, sweet cards, and fun shirts on display that customers can by at the counter. What another great way to support a local business.



Their drinks aren’t stand-out. I ordered an iced chai- which loyal Coffee Crawl followers would know is a signature drink of mine- and while I easily finished the drink, there wasn’t anything particularly memorable about it. I do remember it was good and refreshing! It was a nice accompaniment to the my schedule and made work easy to handle. I’ll have to order a dessert to compliment it next time I’m there!


Cuppies & Joe accomplished exactly what I wanted out of a coffee shop. While nothing in particular stood out, the store’s optimal location, space maximization, and comfortable style rank it pretty high on my list. It’s the perfect mix of simple and stylish, which is why it gets an 8/10 from me.

What do you think about this charming little place? Let me know in the comments section below! And feel free to give me some suggestions of places I should try next!


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