Horoscopes…by Sam

When I was in middle school, I had this one friend that I swear lived her life by her horoscope. I don’t read too much into these, but maybe it’s because I’ve never really given it much time to understanding the intricate workings of astrology. Well what’s a better way to understand horoscopes than to create your own? If you’re looking for a sign from the universe, fear not, I’ve got your back.

Aries, 21 March-20 April

You’ve never been one to hold back from a challenge or an opportunity. So whether it’s a new job or a new relationship you’re having trouble making a decision on, the answer is yes. Jump right in and see what comes out of it!

Taurus, 21 April-20 May

You’re used to being the “mom” of your friend group, often putting everyone else’s needs before you own. But don’t forget to make time for yourself. As the weather warms, grab a book and read outside. Or do some gardening. Take care of number one!

Gemini, 21 May-20 June

Congratulations- today is the day you find your long-lost twin! Now whether this person is really related to you or just your future BFF, I can’t say. But be open to forming relationships with the new people that are coming into your life. Who knows what might come out of it?

Cancer, 21 June-22 July

Patience isn’t your strong suit. But this maybe the key to fixing all the problems in your life. Don’t push the people in your life away. Instead, try and understand where they’re coming from through open and honest communication. This will ultimately strengthen your relationship with them, which is something you both want.

Leo, 23 July-22 August

As the fearless leader of your friend group, your friends are looking to you to you to plan the greatest summer vacation ever! You’re going to lead them in a wild adventure that’s going to be the start of a new era for all of you!

Virgo, 23 August-22 September

You are going to get so much done today! Lately you’ve been overwhelmed with your monster of a to-do list, but now you’ve got the whole night to get a bunch done. Don’t waste this precious time.

Libra, 23 September-22 October

You’ve been having a hard time balancing the different aspects of your life, which is new for you with Libra’s being all about balance and all. Take some time today to figure out what your priorities are and restore that harmony in your life.

Scorpio, 23 October-22 November

Back away from the fight. Not every problem needs to be solved with violence. Talk to whomever is causing you distrust and diplomatically work it out. They’ll see right into your passion and understand exactly where you’re coming from.

Sagittarius, 23 November-21 December

You don’t mean to be selfish and they don’t mean to be clingy. It might be difficult, but it’s highly important you both sit down and figure out the future of your relationship. You don’t have to give up your freedom, but remember that every relationship thrives on compromise.

Capricorn, 22 December-19 January

Stop stalling and making excuses for keeping this person out of your life. Believe it or not, but forgiveness is the best way out of this situation. It’s not just about liberating them of guilt, but it’ll also help make your life a lot lighter in such a dark time.

Aquarius, 20 January-19 February

The solution lies in that highly intellectual brain of yours. This is an important task that needs to be accomplished, so don’t rush through it. Consider all the options and you’ll find the answer.

Pisces, 20 February-20 March

Capitalize on your open and artistic nature. New people are coming into your life and your friendly personality is going to be the reason they stay.


So, how’d I do? Is becoming a fortune teller in my future? Let me know if any of my vague and dubious advice worked out for you in the comments section below!



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