Coffee Crawl: Gypsy Coffee House

I’ll admit it- I’m not a big coffee person. And trust me, I’ve tried to be. A lot of my friends are experts on the difference between an Americano and a macchiato, and I swear my mom’s addicted to that stuff. While I’ll indulge in a cup every so often, it’s definitely not my drink of preference.

An aspect I do like about coffee is experiencing different coffee shops. I’m by no means a connoisseur, I have tagged a long to a few and have developed an appreciation for the vastly different types of coffee served, service provided, and atmosphere presented. And I want to share that with you.

Most of my childhood was spent in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One of the many things I love about it are its numerous coffee shops. The first one I’d ever visited, outside of a Starbucks, is located in downtown Tulsa. It sits right across the street from Guthrie Green and the Brady Arts District. The beautiful brick shouldn’t be too hard to spot. There’s a lot of nightlife in this area, which explains why this particular café is open until 2 a.m. on the weekends. But no worries- overflow customers can make their way to the spacious outdoor patio. Surrounded by an industrial city-loft feel, you can easily spend hours on end sipping on a vanilla latte and chatting it up with your best friends. Of course this hangout spot is Gypsy Coffee House.


The inside gives off a completely different vibe than the outside. Brightly painted walls showcase a creative decorative scheme I’ve yet to find anywhere else. There’s no rhyme or reason to its set up. I guess mismatching chairs are in. Throw in a couple tables and there you have it. But it works. If anything, it’s a part of the Gypsy’s charm.



When I visited last week, it was the first time I had been back since I was in middle school. But the barista was patient and kind, even offering up her own suggestions for what I should get. I ended up going with an iced mocha, a go-to of mine, and an apple pastry.

I’ve tried a good handful of mocha drinks in my time. This one was good, but aggressively average compared to others. I felt the same about the apple pastry. Still, not bad.


Highlight feature- their library. There’s an entrance to a section of the shop that’s surrounded by several novels of all different genres. I’m a slow coffee drinker. If you’re like me, take some to not only sip on your delicious drink, but indulge in story. Maybe come back and read a new one every week. You’ll be coming back for a while.


Gypsy is unique, for sure. There’s a constant enough stream of people to keep the energy alive without making it overwhelming. Overall, I think the main draw for me was the nostalgia. The moment I walked through the doors, I remembered sitting at a table with all my sixth grade friends, cracking jokes and agonizing over fractions assignments. It’s nice to know that while many years have passed, some things never change.

Gypsy Coffee House gets a 7/10 for me. For those of you who have been, what do you think about this coffee shop? If you’re just basing your opinion off of my review, do you think it’s worth seeing? Share your thoughts down in the comments section below! And let me know what other coffee shops in the area you want me to review!


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