Coffee Crawl: Nordaggio’s Coffee

Surrounded by other various other stores, Nordaggio’s Coffee is positioned perfectly in a thriving market. The store doesn’t boast any remarkable physical features. But with something as simple as brightly colored picnic tables or tropical looking plants, Nordaggio’s sets itself apart as a humble, laid back establishment.

My first time visiting was about a month ago and actually prompted by this post. It was fairly busy with people talking, reading, or working. Personally, I don’t know that I’d get anything done in a place like this. From almost every seat, you can see the entire store. There’s a constant flow of people ordering drinks or coming in and out of the building that it kind of makes it hard to focus.

It does have an aesthetic draw to it. Unlike some coffee shops, every decorative piece works with the others. There’s a cohesive theme throughout the entire building. But there’s still an odd touch to every single one that makes it stand out. The natural lighting coming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows is also a plus.


Something unique I discovered about Nordaggio’s is that they roast their own coffee. I’m sure this is what accounts for the distinct flavor of their drinks. I wish I had an inside scoop, so I could tell you more about where they get their beans from and how the process goes. Sadly, I’m just a lowly blogger without any kind of connections. But maybe keep an eye out for an update…


I ordered an iced runt (I think this might be an original drink of theirs) and a lemon poppy seed muffin (available at a grocery store near you). The muffin was delicious and filling, with a burst of lemon flavor and that small crunch I love to get from the poppy seeds. The iced runt was a bit bitter, softened by the sugar around the rim. I think someone maybe a little more versed in the art of coffee would have appreciated it more. It wasn’t a favorite of mine.


Overall, a pleasant experience for me. I don’t think I’d go out of my way to come back- it’s a little further away from where I live and since their remodeling, the hours don’t go very late into the evening. I think it has a more social than studious setting. It would probably be more fit for a true coffee lover, someone willing to experiment and grow in the art, rather than someone who prefers hot chocolate or sugar-filled drinks.

Still, despite not being the best fit for me, Nordaggio’s Coffee gave off a mature vibe with an interesting story behind the drinks they serve. That’s why I’m giving it a 7/10. Whether you’ve been here before or not, let me know what you think of Nordaggio’s Coffee in the comments section below! And don’t forget, I’m always open to coffee shop suggestions!


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