Summer Films

There’s this one cinema in my hometown (actually there’s two of them that are a part of the same chain) that sells film tickets for five dollars every Tuesday. During summer and winter breaks, one of my best friends and I go down there and watch a new film almost every week. It’s honestly something I always look forward to doing when I come home, and an activity from this past summer that I have the fondest memories of.

Now that this season of snow cones and slippers is coming to a close, I find myself reminiscing about everything I’ve watched in the last few months. While we’ve certainly had a couple of box office bombs, there have definitely been a handful of notable films that people will be talking about well into autumn. Keep scrolling for some of my reviews on this year’s Summer Films. (I don’t think there are any spoilers ahead, but just in case, this is my warning to you)!

Alien: Covenant (19 May)

This film comes from a series of other well-established stories, of which I’ve only seen the original. Still, I really enjoyed watching the aliens burst wildly onto the screen and witnessing the vivid details of the planet the ship lands on. Reviews claim that prior films in the series accomplish this same level of cinematography, which doesn’t make Alien: Covenant all that special unless you’re watching this world come to life for the first time. However, I think where art and design may be lacking for some, the suspenseful plot and powerful performances by Michael Fassbender and Katherine Waterston surely make up for it.

Everything, Everything (19 May)

Everything, Everything premiered the same weekend as Alien: Covenant. It did fairly successfully against its production budget, grossing a total of $60.6 million. However, I can’t say I was the biggest fan. Watching “teen love films” makes me nervous, especially ones that dive head first into the concept of forbidden, yet forever love. You’re fifteen for crying out loud! The acting wasn’t incredibly superb and neither was the movement of plot. The concept was new, but there wasn’t much else there for me.

Wonder Woman (2 June)

This was one of my favorites, if not my favorite, from this past summer’s film releases. Highly anticipated, Wonder Woman slayed at the box office, opening to $125 million. Viewers get the somewhat hesitant and relatable hero from Gal Gadot’s Diana, making her a woman to be idolized. Chris Pine builds a brave and patient love interest in his portrayal of Steve Trevor. The moments of chemistry between the characters feel ever more touching because of their individual quirks. While some action scenes are stalled by pieces of backstory, everything is important and eventually comes together. If you haven’t seen it, put it on your list!

47 Meters Down (16 June)

Mandy Moore and Claire Holt play two sisters who end up on a vacation-gone-wrong when they find themselves trapped in a diving cage on the sea floor, surrounded by savage sharks. The film gives you just enough backstory to understand where these characters are coming from without bogging viewers down in an information overload. Moore and Holt kept the audience engaged despite a majority of the film taking place in one setting. Arguably, the end is the most debatable scene- I’m still not sure how I feel about its execution. But overall, 47 Meters Down leaves viewers satisfied, no more no less.

Girls Trip (21 July)

Every time I think about Girls Trip, I fall down laughing at the shenanigans the “Flossy Posse” manages to get themselves in. Each character brings something different to the table- something relevant in all friend groups. While most may have taken nothing but laughs from this film, Girls Trip also offers a look at how friendships evolve over time. The ending leaves you with feels that just make you want to schedule a trip with your best friends in the near future.

Unfortunately, there were a couple of films released in the last couple of months that I didn’t get a chance to see. Here are some of my thoughts and anticipations about these popular flicks.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (28 June)

There are only two films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe I haven’t seen, Spider-Man: Homecoming being one of them. I did, however, see Captain America: Civil War, the first time audiences really catch a glimpse of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Holland capitalizes on Peter Parker’s boyishly charming comebacks and strong-willed spirit. It makes me excited to see Holland steer the ship on his own.

Baby Driver (28 June)

The concept is what’s really drawing me to watch this film. Left with tinnitus from a car accident that killed his parents, Baby, a skilled driver, uses music to block it out. Armored with an amazing soundtrack, Baby Driver is set to be an exciting, fast-paced journey that’ll leave viewers at the edge of their seats.

The Big Sick (23 June)

The Big Sick is romantic comedy that explores, at its core, cultural differences caused by an interracial relationship. I haven’t heard much more about it than that, but I’m a sucker for a good rom-com. Rumor has it that this one is beyond cute, with messages on love at its purest form.


So what did you think of these summer films? Do you agree with my reviews or did you take these stories differently than I did? Let me know in the comments below, and make sure to mention which one was your favorite!


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