Coffee Crawl: 918 Coffee

Do you guys remember when I said Shades of Brown was my favorite coffee shop in Tulsa? Well…that’s still true. But, 918 Coffee is quickly becoming a strong contender for second! The space is bigger than you would expect it to be, they have board games, and it’s environment-friendly–what more could you ask for! And what a great way to rep Tulsa in its name!

If you’re driving on the main street, you might easily miss it. The building blends right in with all the others nestled along the street. But once you see its modern letters (and numbers) adorning the side, then you’re in the right place. If it’s a warm day, there are a couple of tables and chairs outside on the cozy patio. If it’s a little too hot to be sitting outside, there’s also plenty of seating once you walk into the building. Sometimes it’s a little hard to find parking, but they try to accommodate a bigger crowd with a shared lot in the back.


There’s a lot of natural lighting here because the entire right wall is made up of garage-door windows. Sunlight always makes a room look larger and warmer, and I love the effect it has here. If you look closely at the red wall in the back, 918 Coffee displays a lot of photos of some notable buildings in downtown Tulsa. It’s such a subtle detail, but like the lighting, it adds something beautiful and distinctive to the shop.

On the right, you can sneak a peak at all the snacks they have available–from cookies to chips to fruit, if you want it, they probably have it. Their fruit açaí bowl is big enough to share with a couple of friends. It’s fresh and pretty, and something I’d recommend. For those of you over twenty-one, they also serve alcohol. Coffee alone is fine for me–I love a good iced mocha, so that’s what I got on my last visit.

There’s space to sit and do work, which is something I always find myself looking for in the coffee shops I visit. But they also have a large assortment of board games if you’re just looking to hang out with some friends. The games are pretty unique too–they have one that’s all about owning the most cats.

Speaking of unique, 918 Coffee does a fair job promoting green action. They have reusable metal straws available and recycling bins as well. This scores a lot of points with me because I’m a firm believer in taking whatever small steps you can to make the planet a little cleaner.


From it’s open space to all of the beverage and snack options, I have to give 918 Coffee 9/10. 918 Coffee has a little bit of everything that I’m looking for in a coffee shop. Even though it’s a little farther away from where I live, I find myself willing to make the drive out there because of all it has to offer. And if that’s not 9/10 quality, I don’t know what is.


Don’t forget to keep checking in once a month for a new Coffee Crawl post! Want to know where I’ll be going next? Read my last Coffee Crawl for the inside scoop (link here: [DESTINATION] Coffee Crawl: Crimson & Whipped Cream).

And now that’s it’s June, it’s time to start talking about summer swag! Next week I’ll be rattling off a list of items I think are must-haves this summer. See you then!


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