[DESTINATION] Coffee Crawl: Crimson & Whipped Cream

In less than a week, I’m going to be graduating from the greatest university in the world. I’ve been trying not to think about it too much because it makes me all sorts of anxious. This Coffee Crawl post takes place in Norman, OK at one of my favorite coffee shops near the university. I like to think of it as pre-goodbye to all my coffee-filled college memories. Because who knows the next time I’ll come and visit. Anyway, this isn’t about graduation, this is about coffee–so let’s get into it!

Crimson & Whipped Cream was the first local coffee shop I visited when I moved to Norman for school. And four years later, I keep coming back. It has a very clean and friendly aesthetic that I could spend hours immersed in. Not all the seats are metal, and there’s a sofa near the back for when you want to stay comfy during those long study nights. The mirror behind the main seating area does a great job of making the small space appear bigger–a useful design technique. I love how the Mason jar lights double as decor pieces. There isn’t a lot of decoration in the shop, but the lights along with the lone bookshelf, the notes and photo wall, and the chalkboard menu, do a great job of brightening up the place. It’s simple, but pleasing.


A great coffee shop has more than just coffee. Baked goods are the quickest way to a high Coffee Crawl ranking! Crimson & Whipped Cream has differently flavored cupcakes, muffins, and cookies. It’s also the home to my favorite pastry item–the Snickerdoodle cookie!


I usually get an iced coffee or an iced chai tea latte if I’m visiting in the spring. There’s nothing standout about the drinks, but that might just be because I’m not incredibly proficient in what makes a great cup of coffee. What they have is just enough to get me through the day, and that’s all I can really ask for. Plus it’s cheap for the amount I’m getting, and I love a good Mason jar glass and colored plate to be served with.


Crimson & Whipped Cream gets a 9/10 rating from me. It’s only a few minutes walk from campus, and I never feel uncomfortable or out of place in the work environment. I think that’s a little bit more important for me than coffee quality, and that’s why I gave it the ranking that I did.


What do you think of Crimson & Whipped Cream? Have you been here before? Do you want to give it a try if you haven’t already? Let me know your thoughts on our first official coffee shop since the return of the Coffee Crawl series! And, check out the couple of stops below!

2 June: 918 Coffee

7 July: Coffee House on Cherry Street

4 August: All About Cha (multiple destinations)!

4 August: DoubleShot Coffee Company (UPDATED: 1 August)

There are still so many coffee shops I haven’t reviewed in Oklahoma alone! Send me you coffee shop recommendations, regardless of the place, and I’ll do my best to visit them all!


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