Coffee Crawl: DoubleShot Coffee Company

Just five minutes away from downtown Tulsa, this upscale rustic coffee shop is our next stop in the Coffee Crawl series. There’s only one sign out front, so you might miss it. But if you do happen upon this place, it’s charm is worth the visit. Welcome to DoubleShot Coffee Company.


The whole cafe kind of looks like a giant gray barn on the side of a pretty barren street. I wasn’t even sure I was in the right place when I first visited. The blue furniture on the outdoor patio adds some color to the exterior, however, there isn’t much else to look at out there. Regardless, if you take a moment to appreciate its appearance, there’s no doubt it’s well-maintained.


And the inside is another story altogether. My favorite part about DoubleShot is the space. Seriously, there’s so much of it–three floors worth. When you walk in, there’s a large sitting area complete with an array of tables and chairs. If you walk a little farther in, you’ll see a tucked away reading area just a few steps down on your left.


There are two staircases, leading to two parts of the second floor. One matches the main area–it’s pretty much just a bunch of study tables. The other is a little more relaxed with a sofa and armchair perfect for some light reading. Both floors meet with a separate area in the middle.


With a conference table and a white board, this space is perfect for any kind of business meeting or study group. You can even reserve it ahead of time if you want.


A love a coffee shop that roasts its own beans. DoubleShot is one of those places. They even sell them so you can have you’re own taste of DoubleShot from the comfort of your living room. All of the pastries–cookies and muffins–are also made in-house. They also sell other DoubleShot swag, like sweatshirts, mugs, and coffee sleeves.

I get a little bit of anxiety walking into places I’ve never been before. The lack of signage was already throwing me off–the lack of menu was almost a deal-breaker. It’s not like it’s that hard to order at a coffee shop, especially when you’ve been to handful of them before. Most sell pretty much the same products. But a menu is still comforting. Instead I had to walk up to the counter, admit I’d never been there before, and explain my coffee preferences while the poor barista had to try and figure out what to offer me based on my vague descriptions. At least the counter was pretty.


The coffee was fine. It’s really hard for me to determine what a good cup of coffee tastes like. If I like it, I like it. This one wasn’t bad, but it certainly didn’t stand out (like Gray Owl’s iced chai or Crimson & Whipped Cream’s snickerdoodle cookies). And for as much as I paid for it, I wish it had stood out. The chocolate chip cookie was pretty good. I didn’t get it warmed up, but it was still pretty soft, which is a staple in any good cookie.

All in all, a fine coffee shop. The atmosphere is unlike any I’ve ever seen, and that’s the best thing about DoubleShot, hands down. And when a coffee shop makes everything they sell themselves, it deserves a couple bonus points. If DoubleShot didn’t look as pristine as it did, it wouldn’t be worth the 7/10 I’m scoring it. It’s got a long way to go to get a full 10/10, but I wouldn’t give up hope.


What do you think of DoubleShot Coffee Company? Make sure to let me know what you think below! And let me know what other coffee shops I should review…or if there are any you think I should revisit! All our Coffee Crawl adventures are listed out on their very own page in the main menu.

Next week we’re talking about going back to school. If you need help getting psyched for classes, make sure to stay tuned!


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