Coffee Crawl: Cirque Coffee Roasters

The Coffee Crawl series is back with the first in-person crawl in three months! As coffee shops are opening back up, I decided to take a trek outside of my house to capture an authentic coffee crawl experience for you—one that reminds us of a simpler, pandemic-free time. I did practice safety measures and was only in the shop for about 20 minutes, which you could argue isn’t nearly enough time to absorb the light coffee notes of a freshly brewed cup of joe, but I did my best. The way this post is structured is also a little bit different than that of Coffee Crawl’s past. The article boasts a more objective review of the coffee shop in question to really the reader for their own opinion about the place and coffee being presented. More on that at the end of the blog.

As I was planning for this glorious return, I didn’t quite know where I wanted to focus my efforts. Of course, that’s what Google is for. And out of my handful of searches, this coffee shop was always near the top of the list.

Cirque Coffee Roasters is located in Tulsa’s Pearl District, just a five minute drive from the heart of downtown and the popular outdoor shopping center, Utica Square. With such a prime location, parking can be a bit of a struggle. If you’ve been a long time follower of the Coffee Crawl series, you know looking for parking is the literal bane of my existence. Bright side: there is a lot just across the street in addition to street parking right in front of the building.

One of the big things I noticed as soon as I walked in was the outstanding amount of natural light coming in from the large open window at the front. I’m a sucker for natural light because it’s so much easier on the eyes than fluorescents. And it’s fantastic for taking pictures.


There are a variety of seating options available—from sofas perfect for chatting with friends to work tables and a bartop ideal for getting your latest blog post out. Cirque Coffee really utilizes its space—not just in its seating, but also in the decoration of the atmosphere. The wood and metal beams give the place a real urban vibe. Mixed with the fluid and freedom of the art on the walls, Cirque Coffee is the exact picture of something pulled out of The Bronx.

I always feel a little anxious when I first walk into a new coffee shop. Sometimes I feel like each coffee shop has its own audience of people who know exactly where every plug-in on the wall is and the names of every single signature drink on the menu. But when I walked into Cirque Coffee, the barista behind the bar was extremely friendly, welcoming me in and showing me exactly how to access their online menu. Of course, this extra assistance may have had something to do with the changes most food and drink places have been implementing due to adjustments for the pandemic, but it was still so appreciated on my part.


Cirque Coffee has a large emphasis on the type of beverages they serve. Coffee is a main focus for sure. But they also offer over 25 teas—from black to green to oolong and more—and a cocktail menu with over 60 drinks.

As I usually do, I asked for a recommendation specific to Cirque Coffee. If I’m reviewing a coffee shop, I want to make sure I get as full of a picture as I can before I sit down to write anything. I was offered a cold draft latte with vanilla syrup. I say “cold” instead of “iced” because, if I’m being honest, I’m not sure there was ice in it. I’ve never seen cold drinks served like this before—ice-less, I mean—but I was all for it. Nobody likes that watered down coffee taste anyway. I’d also never heard of a “draft latte” before. It’s got everything you love out of a normal latte, but it’s available on tap! How cool! Cirque Coffee is definitely one of the most innovative coffee shops I’ve ever been to.


Overall, I really enjoyed my admittedly short visit to Cirque Coffee. There’s something I love about a coffee shop that embraces its every eccentricity. Cirque Coffee is one of the most relaxed and innovative coffee shops I’ve ever been to, and I’m definitely planning another visit to try out the rest of the expansive menu.

* * *

What do you guys think of Cirque Coffee? Give them a follow on Facebook or Instagram if you like their brand or want to know more! You can also find more information about the types of blends they offer, their menu, and available merch on their website.

Make sure to let me know what you think of the new Coffee Crawl layout in the comments section down below. The new goal is to provide you with more objectivity by removing the personal rating scale and more history and information on the coffee shops I visit. The hope is to start integrating these techniques in the next few crawls.

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NOTE: This is an unsponsored post and was written solely as an entertaining addition to the Coffee Crawl series.


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