Coffee Crawl: Rocket Brothers Espresso

Drive-thru services have long been under appreciated, and it’s honestly such a shame. Not only are they incredibly convenient—can someone say “pajamas?”—but with the still-present health crisis looming over us, they’re a great way to continue implementing safe distancing practices in our day-to-day routines. Drive-thrus are most commonly seen with regards to fast food places—rarely ever coffee shops—that is, until now!

Rocket Brothers Espresso is a drive-thru espresso bar with two locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma—technically one is just outside of Tulsa in Broken Arrow, but these are minor details. The coffee bar opened in 2003, adding a second location just four years later. The business is local and family owned. It takes pride in the quality of its products and putting its customers and community first. Everything I’ve heard about Rocket Brothers—through research and testimonials—has been positive, which was definitely affirmed through my own visit.

Rocket Brothers is conveniently placed in areas that receive a lot of traffic, which of course is good for any business. I can’t imagine an easier way to get your morning cup of Joe than to pull up to a Rocket Brothers. It has the same energy of driving up to a Starbucks, but Rocket Brothers has the appeal of being a small business. This may mean at times their beverages are a little more expensive than one from your commercial shop, but I promise they’re worth the price. More on that later.


Because it is a drive-up espresso bar, sometimes it can be hard to miss in all the hustle of suburban Tulsa’s major streets. You have to keep an eye out for that signature red logo. I think they utilize the space they have pretty well though. Both sides of the building are used—one for ordering and one for picking up your drink—and the flow is pretty easy to follow. When I went everything was roped off so it was easier to find out where to pull up and start my coffee journey. I’m not sure if it’s always this way or if these were somehow put in place to reaffirm safe distancing, but otherwise Rocket Brothers was very festive about such a good idea.

I found their menu to be fairly expansive for a drive-up shop. Rocket Brothers offers all the fan favorites—from a cappuccino to a hot chocolate. They offer some seasonal flavors—like the summer peach—and specialties—like Italian soda. They also have a few bakery items listed at the bottom.


A friend of mine, who frequents this place, suggested I go simple with an iced latte. I added a little vanilla flavoring, and by golly was it oh so good. The flavor wasn’t too overbearing and I liked the fact that the ice didn’t melt too quickly, preventing any distractions from the simple taste. Even after this photo shoot in the hot hot sun, there was no watered down taste.


I definitely see myself becoming a repeat customer. Rocket Brothers is efficient and easy, my coffee was perfectly and consistently made (tasting just as good the second time I went back), and I see a lot of future locations popping up as the years push this small business forward.

* * *

Thoughts? I’ve never heard of a drive-thru coffee shop before, but I am 1000% here for it.  If you’re interested in learning more about Rocket Brothers Espresso, make sure to check out their Facebook or Instagram.

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NOTE: This is an unsponsored post and was written solely as an entertaining addition to the Coffee Crawl series.


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