The Best of samanthasabio 2019!

There’s officially less than three days left in 2019 and I don’t know about you guys, but I am so ready for 2020! I’ll definitely miss certain moments from this past year though…which is why I’m highlighting all the best moments of samanthasabio from 2019!

Below you’ll find my thoughts and comments on one post from every month this year, as well as a link to that post if you want to go check it out! I’m not going to lie, it was a little difficult to choose just one post per month–there were some months were I felt like every post was a hit. But I tried to highlight the best variety and the ones you all liked the most. So let’s take a journey back into 2019 with samanthasabio!

Delusions and Resolutions: January 2019 seems like forever ago, and re-reading Delusions and Resolutions only confirms those feelings. It was a lot of fun for me to go back to this post and think about all of the things on the list that I accomplished and all of the things I didn’t. It was also fun to think about the things I found an interest in that weren’t on the list to begin with–like podcasts and poetry.

Valen-Who?: When most people think about the month of February, one of the biggest things that comes to mind is Valentine’s Day. Valen-Who? covers a variety of activities you could indulge in during the holiday–whether you’re single or not! Almost a year later, I still stand by every suggestion.

Also, there’s a note at the bottom of the post about starting a “how to be single” series, and to be honest, I’m still down if you guys are.

Most Fascinating Laws: This was definitely one of my favorite posts to research and write. Once upon a time, I toyed with the idea of becoming a lawyer, so there are actually a lot of aspects of law that interest me. Even if you’re not interested in the American legal system what-so-ever, this is a great post to check out for some random trivia facts.

Sadly, the note about “With Sam & Marie” no longer applies–due to some scheduling conflicts it just became way too difficult for us to record and edit podcasts together. I still do really love podcasts, so if I ever decide to get back into the business you better believe I’ll let you guys know!

Podcast Reviews: I really got into podcasts in 2019. I still listen to a couple of the podcasts I mentioned in this post…and there are a couple I never got around to listening to. Still, I’d highly recommend getting into podcast listening, especially if you have a long commute to work or need something to listen to while you make dinner.

The “DIY Series” definitely fell through in 2019 for sure. Because it was hard for me to find time to research and create a new DIY project every month, I’ve been considering turning the series into a full lifestyle portion of the blog–complete with beauty and travel tips too. Check back in 2020 to see how that goes!

This Just In: This post was definitely all about me trying my hand at basic reporting–which was actually something I studied in college. I added This Just In to the list because I don’t normally write posts about current events. I thought it was a very memorable moment in the blog’s history and a unique way to look back on what America was like in May 2019.

My European Travel Guide: One of my longest posts of this year, My European Travel Guide covers my tips, tricks, and suggestions for all the places I’ve visited in Europe. What’s worth seeing? What’s not? What’s something you should try that nobody really talks about?

A Day Without Water: What I liked most about this post was that it really focused on social issues, especially one we don’t think about much in a country like America. But a lot of places around the world don’t have the same luxuries as we do. I think it’s important to be mindful of the privileges I’ve been afforded.

School Swag: I think we’ve made it clear how much my writing and interests have changed in 2019. I wrote a lot of review posts this past year, and I actually really enjoyed them–like this back-to-school centered post!

7 Reasons Chris Pine is the Best Hollywood Chris: I mean, the title says it all.

This was actually originally published on Buzzfeed, so check out the original post–complete with photos and GIFs–here.

NONE: October was a very trying month for me and samanthasabio saw yet another hiatus because of it, so no posts to highlight here.

On Poetry: Early in 2019 I took a poetry class and since then I’ve been reading and writing a lot of poetry. I talk a lot about what kind of poetry I’ve been getting into and how the process of learning how to write poetry has been for me. If poetry is something that interests you, or if you just want to follow me on this journey, definitely check out this post!

Speaking of poetry, check out some of my original poems on the site’s “Poetry” tab!

Coffee Crawl: Drip, The Beverage Lab: I can’t do a highlights posts without including a Coffee Crawl. Drip is one of my favorite coffee shops in Oklahoma, so if you ever find yourself in Owasso or nearby, make sure to check it out! Maybe we’ll run into each other?

* * *

Tag your favorite samanthasabio posts in the comments section down below! Thanks for sticking with the blog for yet another year–I can’t wait to see where 2020 brings us! See you then!



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