Another year of that single-pringle status on the holiday of love. What a downer, amirite? WRONG. Being a strong, independent woman on Valentine’s Day is no longer a tragedy, ladies! I mean, it never was, but those rom-coms got us like, “man, I wish I had a man!” And yeah, sometimes it sucks to be alone and surrounded by couples when you’re just trying to live your life. So I’m here to help you turn that frown upside down this holiday with a How to Single on Valentine’s Day!

First of all, there is such a thing as Galentine’s Day, celebrated on the 13th of February. This is great because then you can celebrate it even if you do have a significant other to cuddle up with on the 14th. Galentine’s is a great way to hang out with your best girls, and just goof off, swoon over some Hollywood Chris, and eat all of the desserts and chocolates your little heart desires!

Maybe consider throwing a singles-only party on Valentine’s Day–structured like a Galentine’s Day, but for all of your single friends. Make some dinner, play some one-person-team board games, or watch a Valentine’s Day-related horror movie (there are more out there than you think).

Valentine’s Day is also just another day in our calendar, folks. What do you normally do on Thursdays? Well, just do that on Valentine’s Day. Honestly, no one can tell if you don’t get five dozen hand-picked red roses delivered to your office in the morning, or if you don’t have some reservation made on February 15th of last year at some insanely expensive modern restaurant that only serves “the idea of food.” You do you, girlfriend!

They self-love is the way to go. So buy yourself something nice. Maybe get that new iPhone X…RKLM, or whatever it’s called, or treat yourself to a spa day. You may not have a date, but you always have you–so treat you right this Valentine’s Day!

I’ve heard many people also spread their love to their pets on this holiday. Buy your fish a new tank, or get your cat some fancy thread, or adopt a dog! Yeah, just adopt a dog.

And hey, if you’re upset about being single on yet another Valentine’s Day, who am I to tell you not to be. Sometimes you just have to sit alone in your room, screaming at Channing Tatum not to let Rachel McAdams go back to her wealthy parents and douchebag ex-fiancé when she clearly needs to be a free artist with a spontaneous husband like him–wait, what were we talking about? Take a day to get in touch with your single self, then wake up the next day ready to be the girlboss that you are!


Hope these tips gave you a couple ideas for how you want to spend your Valentine’s Day! Have some different you like to do on the holiday of love? Let me know in the comments section down below!

Also, let me know if you think I should start a new series about how to be single. I’ve been single for almost all of my life, and I don’t know, I think I might be kind of an expert at it!


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