Delusions and Resolutions

It’s been a total of twenty days since the start of 2019. So most of us have probably already given up on our New Year’s Resolutions, yeah? I’ve never really been super dedicated to making resolutions—mainly because I know I’m not the best at following through with them. Regardless, I love the idea of celebrating a New Year. While a New Year shouldn’t be the reason you’re making changes in your life, sometimes you just need a reason to be optimistic.

This year I’m putting together a list of goals in several categories that I want to accomplish. Some of them are a little silly and others are definitely ones I want to give attention to. My purpose for putting this together wasn’t to strive for some revolutionary change in my life. It was really just a way for me to evaluate where I wanted my life to go this year, especially with so many changes that I know are coming my way—like graduating college. So here are my list of New Year’s Delusions and Resolutions!



For the last couple of years, I’ve been attending college in a city a couple of hours away from my hometown. Because of this I definitely don’t see my family as often as I used to. And with my college graduation looming over me, I really want to make sure I’m seeing my family. We’ve tossed around the idea of traveling abroad this summer, which I’m really excited for because we haven’t taken a family vacation in what feels like years. So that’s definitely my family goal for 2019.


Most of my friends are also either graduated or getting ready to graduate this year. The future is so crazy uncertain for some of us, so I also want to make sure I’m making an effort to see them more and utilize the time we have together.


So unlike my family and friends goals, I don’t have a love to promise to spend more time with. But I’m optimistic that all the boys are coming my way in 2019!


After sixteen years of school I’m finally going to have the opportunity to get out in the real world and get a big girl job. It’s nerve-wracking for sure, but I’m excited to work on projects that I’m passionate about and get paid to do it!


I don’t know if this is a little far-fetched, but in 2019 I really want to get an apartment of my own. I’ve had a lot of help from my family paying for school and other necessities despite living away from home. But I’m hoping with my big girl job, I’ll finally get to see what it’s like taking care of myself and being totally self-sufficient.


Late in this last year I had a really hard time taking care of myself. I didn’t eat right or sleep right, and that really affected my day-to-day life. So in 2019 I’m going to make a greater effort to listen to my body. I’d also really like to start going to a yoga class or something.


Uh, that family vacation to Europe for sure.


I’d love to do something fun with my appearance. I’ve always wanted to get my doubles pierced or try balayage on my hair. What better excuse to just go for it than a New Year?


And that’s my list! What do you think about New Year’s Resolutions? Post some of yours—delusions are okay too—in the comments sections below!


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