Poetry is when emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

—Robert Frost

There’s something beautiful about the way poetry captures your attention and opens up your mind so quickly, in the way some storybooks can’t. So grab a blanket, take a seat, and indulge in poetry covering topics from happiness to heartbreak.

You can read more poetry in my debut poetry collection, SPACES, available for purchase on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle eBook!

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  • A special, never-before-seen recorded reading of “My Name Is…”

Day 49

  • A raw poem set in the uncertain time of a global pandemic. Sometimes we can’t help but think and worry and hope about the people we’re forced to separate from—whether it’s by choice or just for the better.

Pieces of Love

  • Written a little differently from my previous poems, this poem was created entirely out of words cut out from old magazines. Read it and see you can find pieces of love just about anywhere.

Day Drinking

  • Spending a day with the one you love through the rose-colored glass of an alcoholic beverage.

My Name Is…

  • What exactly is in a name? Read this poem to get a glimpse of some of the names I go by.

My Poetry Inspirations

  • Interested in diving deeper into poetry, but unsure how to start? Check out this blog post for some of my poetry favorites.

Somewhere in the Middle

  • A poem about love and how it feels to be caught in the middle of where love starts and where love ends.

SPACES–a collection of poetry

  • Read this blog post if you’re interested in learning the meaning behind SPACES and how SPACES came to be.

On Poetry

  • Here are all the juicy details on how I turned myself into a poet.