7 Reasons Chris Pine is the Best Hollywood Chris

That’s right, I said it. This may be my hottest–and most accurate–take yet. Chris Pine has so much to bring to the table and it’s about time people recognize it. What haters fail to understand is that Chris Pine is so much more than a pretty face to look at. He’s a pretty face with depth. So in honor of Chris Pine’s birthday (26 August), I’m bringing you 7 Reasons Chris Pine is the Best Hollywood Chris.

He’s 39 and thriving

If any of you follow me on Instagram–which you should in order to support my Insta fame dreams–than you already that Chris Pine “recently” celebrated his 39th birthday. But just take a look at him. He’s doing pretty well for 39. Chris Pine has obviously aged from his earlier roles in Star Trek and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, but he’s done so in the best possible way. Gone is his smooth boy-like face, replaced by a scruff that only profound experience can explain. Like a fine wine, he just keeps getting better and better with age.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in English

Beauty and brains? That’s Chris Pine for you. He’s the only one of the four Chris’s (Pine, Hemsworth, Pratt, and Evans) to attend university, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of California, Berkeley. If that doesn’t scream “standout Chris,” I don’t know what will.

He’s humble

There’s rarely ever any drama surrounding Chris Pine. That’s because he prefers to keep a low-profile, choosing to talk about his upcoming roles rather than his dating life. Despite that, he never takes himself too seriously. He’s still able to have fun during interviews, never missing a chance to make a witty comeback.

He sings

Like really well. Most people know about his singing role as Prince Charming in Into the Woods and even his opening bit when he hosted SNL back in 2017. But if that wasn’t enough to get you to believe in his vocal prowess, take a listen to Chris Pine’s duet with Barbara Streisand, “I’ll Be Seeing You/I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face.” It’ll have you melting by the end of it.

Those beautiful blue eyes

Anybody that’s seen a photo of Chris Pine knows exactly what I’m talking about. Need I say more?

His relaxed wardrobe

Even in interviews Chris Pine is donning a simple button down shirt or plain-colored tee. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style and Chris Pine gets that. He likes to be cozy and so do we!

His acting range

Chris Pine has appeared in everything from action classics to romantic comedies to wholesome family films. And he’s rocked every single one of these roles. Just My LuckWonder WomanA Wrinkle in Time–you name it, he can do it.


Have I turned you to the dark side yet? Let me know what you think of Chris Pine in the comments section below! And make sure to check out this same post–originally created on Buzzfeed–for an overload of Chris Pine gifs!


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