Nick Jonas Through the Years

A couple of weeks ago we talked about my number one celebrity crush, Chris Pine. While I’ve been crushing on Chris Pine for more years than I can remember, he wasn’t the first love of my life. That honor would have to go to the one and only Nicholas Jerry Jonas. Since forming the unforgettable pop rock band, The Jonas Brothers, and reaching wider audiences after several appearances on the popular television network, Disney Channel, Nick Jonas has always occupied an important spot in my heart. So to recognize him, and his now 27 years of life, I’m going to be talking about my love for Nick Jonas Through the Years.

Like many others, I started following the Jonas Brothers after hearing “Year 3000” and “S.O.S.” At this time I didn’t really have any strong feelings for any particular member of the band. I was just having a bopping time dancing around to their music. But then I learned more about Nick’s songwriting and instrument-playing talents, and felt close to him when he revealed that he suffered from diabetes. It was like he wasn’t a celebrity anymore, but someone I knew. (I know everybody says that about their celebrity crushes, but I swear I KNEW HIM).

He was also incredibly funny, like the time he met Hannah Montana. Not to mention his face was plastered on almost every page of J-14 and Tiger Beat magazines. We haven’t even talked much about that curly brown hair and squinty smoulder of his.


I didn’t know much about Kevin and Joe seemed to be thriving in the rock star life, so Nick was a fresh face surrounding all the Jonas Brothers hype. I think I really liked him because he was so a-dork-able.

After “REDDD DRESSS” (don’t pretend like you didn’t just read that in Nick Jonas’s voice) in “Burnin’ Up,” there was no doubt he was the Jonas for me. And I know he wasn’t meant to be the star of Camp Rock or Camp Rock 2, but he really stole the show for me. Remember “Introducing Me”? What a sweetheart! I think he really started to come out of his shell around this 2008-2010 era.

Camp Rock 2 Introducing Me.jpg

When the Jonas Brothers broke up, I was definitely shook. I wasn’t really following their desire to break out into the world on their own because this whole time I considered them a unit. But of course, that’s why they needed to separate. Looking back on it, I can’t really blame Nick for wanting to figure out who he was outside of the band.

During his solo years, it honestly felt like he was a different person. I mean, he got so swole and chopped off all of his curly locks. It was definitely an adjustment, but I quickly realized this didn’t change my love for him in the slightest. From shy and cute to sexy and mysterious, he filled both roles perfectly. And that’s really what we want in mans, isn’t it ladies?


And now we’re here, 2019, with the Jonas Brothers back together again, touring and thriving like they were so many years ago. And Nick Jonas has not let up on his awesomeness. Making a name for himself as a solo artist, starring in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and tying the knot with Priyanka Chopra?! Tell me he’s not killing the game of life right now. I hope I’m where he is right now when I turn 27. Snaps for my favorite Jonas brother, today and every day.


Were you a Kevin, Joe, or Nick girl growing up? Have your views changed since the band first formed over 14 years ago? I’d love to hear your discussions in the comments below!


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