Random Reviews: Reader’s Choice

A good review can go a long way. Which is why, upon request, I’ve put my ultimate judgement upon several items and ideas so that you, my beloved readers, can live your lives knowing the true necessities in this world.

Just kidding—well, kind of. This post is full of random reviews of things I found laying around my house, some mental constructs, and some items suggested by you! This also isn’t the first time I’ve published a post subjectively reviewing random objects and things I actually don’t know very much about—check out the first two at this link and this one here.


We’re going to start off with something simple—paperclips. Great for holding thin stacks of documents together. Come in relatively cheap batches. Bonus: form can be altered into interesting shapes. 9/10.

The Canadian Dollar

Wonderfully colorful. Spill resistant. Supposedly smell like maple leaves. Unfortunately, useless in the U-S-of-A, so 7/10.

Women’s Pants

As promised, we’re back with a reevaluation of women’s pants. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. Women’s pants have not evolved much since my last review in 2018. Measurements are still so often disproportionate when it comes to leg length and hip width harmony. Styles are simple and unexciting. And, of course, the lack of pockets. 2/10.

Chenille Sticks

Otherwise known as pipe cleaners. Also known as tinsel stems. Chenille—from the French word, meaning “caterpillar“—is the fabric covering the twisted wires used to make this arts-and-crafts staple. While versatile in its usage, chenille sticks are seen as a childish form of artistic expression due to their simplicity and bright, young colors. However, it’s French, so 5/10.


The perfect blend of entertainment and chaos, TikTok—not to be confused with Kesha’s 2009 hit single “Tik Tok“—is hilariously addictive. With so many different sides of the video-sharing platform available—from educational to dance—there’s truly something for everyone. However, because of its captivating nature, it can be easy to form corrosive obsessions with the material and its creators. No wonder I’m only getting four hours of sleep at night trying to perfect the frames in my latest video… 6/10.

Street Lights

Street lights are literal guiding lights in moments of darkness. 10/10. Plus, they come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and more. Definitely under appreciated. But the unsung heroes of roadsides everywhere.

This street light looks a bit like it was photoshopped onto a blue-sky-white-cloud background, but it’s genuinely just the only one I could see from the window in my home office. 7/10.

The Meaning of Life

Not worth crumbling into weekly existential crises for. Doesn’t even deserve a photo. 1/10.

Sparkling Water

Just like regular water, but with a kick. Naturally enhanced, so all the fun is there without messing with any of the nutrients that keep your kidneys clean, your skin clear, and your soul composed. 12/10.

Letter Boards

Letter boards can be changed, mixed, and matched to form a variety of messages. Many also come in different styles with letters of different colors. The use isn’t very adaptable, but taking a letter board at face value will accomplish the task it was made to do. 8/10.


Brunch is more than just a meal—it’s a lifestyle. 12 mil./10, enough said.

Agree or disagree? Drop your ratings in the comments section down below!

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