Random Reviews: Films Edition

In the last couple of years I’ve found my film knowledge and my general appreciation for the big screen increase. But there are still a good handful of popular films that I’ve yet to see. Apart from a few scenes or the Google blurb, I don’t know much about any of these stories. And that’s what’s going to make these reviews that much more interesting! With not much more than a trailer and my creative imagination, here are Five Random Film Reviews.

She’s the Man

*Cue gasps and groans* That’s right folks, I’ve never seen this 2006 classic. But from walking in on my roommate watching the last scenes and reading that helpful little blurb on the poster, I think I might just have a solid summary for this one.

So Amanda Bynes plays Viola, the sister to Sebastian. Sebastian, for some reason, is going to London? So he asks Viola to pretend to be him until he gets back. And she’s like, “Yeah, okay,” though I having hard time understanding what’s in it for her… Anyway, she plays on the men’s soccer team as Sebastian (because there’s no woman’s soccer team?) and rooms with Duke the captain of the team. They’re relationship is complicated because she’s impersonating her brother, while also crushing on Duke as Viola- which I’m sure lends its hand to several moments of comic relief. Duke also has a crush on Olivia (I have no idea what other role she plays in the film) who has a crush on the real Sebastian who’s dating Monique (who???) who doesn’t like Olivia because she knows Olivia likes Sebastian. Did I get it all?

I’m going to go ahead and give this one 9/10. The story has me intrigued, but I’m interested to see if all the loose ends resolve themselves. I might have to watch this one a couple time to get everything straight. But from what I know about it already, I don’t think I’ll have a problem with doing that.

Random Reviews...- She's the Man

Napoleon Dynamite

Okay, this one was a little harder to grasp for me, but I think I’ve got the overall premise from the trailer and the Google blurb.

Napoleon Dynamite is this socially awkward teenager who has trouble talking to girls and relating to other kids his age. He befriends Pedro, a new student, and they decide to create a campaign to run for class president- of which I’m assuming Pedro is the face of hence the infamous “Vote for Pedro” shirt. Also, Napoleon does a dance at the end?

I obviously didn’t pick up as many details from Napoleon Dynamite as I did from She’s the Man. Still, it seems to have a fun twist on classic coming-of-age story, earning a solid 7/10 from me. Extra style points for what I’m sure is the best dance routine that has ever graced the big screen.

Random Reviews...- Napoleon Dynamite

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

A young boy named Elliot discovers this alien he decides to call E.T. (I’m not convinced that actually his name). Elliot and his siblings keep E.T.’s existence a secret, dressing him up when they take him out so nobody can tell that he doesn’t look human. Somehow the government finds out about him and wants to do experiments to figure out what exactly he is. Elliot puts E.T. in the basket on his bike and E.T. uses his special alien powers to fly them away. Then E.T. boards a spaceship home. Oh, and E.T. has this weird finger glowing thing- I’m not sure what it does, but I’m sure it had something to do with the flying bike.

I know this is one of those golden films that pass from generation to generation, but to be honest with you, I just couldn’t really get behind it. Maybe it’s one of those you need to watch as a kid to really appreciate the lessons of acceptance and friendship. It’s a 4/10 from me.

Random Reviews...- E.T.

Star Trek

I know literally nothing about this franchise. I don’t even know how many films have been made from the original series (it started out as a series, right?). So I’m apologizing in advance to those of you die-hard Star Trek lovers.

So I think there are three films? The first one seems to focus on Chris Pine (Captain Kirk? They never really clarify in the trailers…) who becomes the captain of this ship, following in his deceased father’s footsteps. The villain seems to know who Pine’s father was, but insists Pine will never live up. I assume everything turns out fine because four years later a sequel was released.

Pine’s Captain Kirk is now an established member of Star Fleet (I think that’s what it’s called). Benedict Cumberbatch, another officer of the organization, is killing innocent men and women, and challenging Star Fleet’s strength (for what reason, I have no idea). I’m not too worried about Captain Kirk’s future because another film was released three years later, completing the trilogy.

Star Trek: Beyond sees our team separated and dealing with some alien race? It sounds like this is the biggest challenge they’ve faced, and that it’ll push them in directions they never thought possible.

The trailers are compelling and action-packed, two must-haves for any science fiction film. I don’t know that I’d be heavily invested in what happens to these characters, but I’m giving it a 6/10 solely for peaking my interest.

Random Reviews...- Star Trek


I watched both the original 1984 trailer and the 2011 trailer to get a good feel for this upbeat story. I do have to say I got more from the remake, but I’ve heard that they’re both really good.

Ren is new to Bomont, moving in with some relatives (not his parents). Reasons for moving are unclear. Some tragic accident happened years earlier where the son of the town sheriff was killed after a dancing event? So now dancing for minors is illegal. But the teenagers in town host and participate in underground dance parties with Ren making appearances and friends. They get caught, but I don’t think there were any dire or immediate consequences of this. I do know the adults are super wary of Ren because it seems that all this dancing business resurfaced when he got to town. Eventually, Ren petitions the city to remove the ban on dancing with all his new friends backing him.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the trailers for this film. It feels like one of those films where you just want to dance along in the theater. 10/10.

Random Reviews...- Footloose


For those of you that have seen these films, what did you think of my reviews? And for those of you that haven’t seen them, are you interested in watching? Let me know what you thought in the comments section below! Thanks for reading!


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