Poetry Post | Is It Still Burning?

Could we call this a sequel to “Day 49?” I think in a way, it just might be. It might also just be another heartbreak poem because those always seem to be the easiest ones for me to write when I need to write a new poem. Anyway, let me know what you think!

When I walk outside, it’s hot and humid,

and I find myself tilting my nose up, smelling for smoke.

But I think that’s just Oklahoma in May.

Some end of the world, huh?

I expected parasitic aliens falling from the sky,

zombies rising from unmarked graves,

a survivor’s colony tucked away in the mountains.

At the very least, a romantic running.

You knocking on my door just as the evacuation sirens go off.

Me, bags already packed, ready to follow you to the edge of the Earth.

I guess nothing’s ending any time soon.

Is there toilet paper still missing from the grocery store shelves?

Am I still traipsing across state lines, trying to escape our memory?

Are your flowers still blooming?

The answer,

it’s not.

And here I am, writing a poem about it.

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