Coffee Crawl: Triangle Coffee | Tulsa, OK

Two Tulsa Coffee Crawls in row? “Has she finally given up the endless wandering?” you might ask. Well, you’ll just have to subscribe to the blog to get the answer to that question. As for the location of this month’s Coffee Crawl, yes, we are back in the city I call home for another standout shop right in the heart of downtown Tulsa.

Recommended to me by a friend, Triangle Coffee is definitely the kind of coffee shop you would put a stamp of approval on. It perfectly blends the hipster, homegrown vibes you would expect from a local coffee shop and the industrial city feeling of an important small business. I think this mixture makes Triangle Coffee a great place to grab a coffee right before work or sit with a few friends laughing over a snack or small meal or even camp out at a table and work the day away.

Triangle Coffee is located conveniently in downtown Tulsa. Despite being right in the heart of the action, I’ve never had a problem finding parking or making my way here—a personal plus I take into considerations when I’m looking for a good coffee shop to go to.

Entering the building is like walking into a magical wardrobe. I never got the sense that anything was being rushed here. It’s a much slower pace than what you might experience walking through just the general downtown area of a city. You may even miss it if you were just walking down the street, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that “open” sign.

Large windows frame the entire street-facing side of the building, bringing in so much natural light—another personal plus. There are quite a few plants by the seats near the window and even on top of this ledge above the door. Foliage is definitely the main decorating item here. Which isn’t a bad thing. I actually think Triangle Coffee makes the simplicity of their atmosphere work quite well for them. There isn’t anything left to be desired here and that’s kind of beautiful.

There is plenty of what I like to call “formal seating” here—basically your table and chair type seating, one where you could do your office work at. Everything is spaced out, assuming per pandemic/health reasons, but even if it was naturally laid out this way, I think the room is utilized fairly well. There’s bar seating and a large community table near the back.

I stayed here for a little while after ordering my coffee and taking some of these pictures for the blog. I got a great amount of work done with little distraction. There’s plenty of places to plug in and charge up if needed, so working here for an entire day is definitely do-able in my eyes. The only thing I occasionally struggled with was a poor internet connection. So definitely be mindful of that if it’s something you need to get work done.

I’ve been back a few times and have ordered everything from an iced latte to a hot cappuccino. As someone who doesn’t particularly know a lot about coffee but has made it her business to review coffee shops, everything tasted exactly how I expected it to. And that’s all I can actively contribute to that subject. No, but really, it was good. Never overbearingly bitter and lots of that milk and foam.

Once I ordered a latte with pistachio syrup in it—beta testing for some spring drinks the baristas were trying out. I’m not a pistachio fan in the slightest, but it was absolutely delicious. Surprisingly sweet, not at all nutty. My recommendation, if you’re thinking of coming for a visit.

I’m constantly surprised with how many good things I have to say about all the coffee shops in my area, but the truth is they all bring something great and useful to the table. With Triangle Coffee, aesthetic and popularity may not be the first adjectives that come to mind in a survey description. But the coffee is delicious and the space is large and comfortable. The location is also convenient and not as big of a hassle to get to as one might think. I’ve really liked coming here and would gladly put my own stamp of approval on Triangle Coffee.

Should I make Triangle Coffee my new go-to coffee shop/place of business when working remotely? Have I already started trying to become a regular? Perhaps… And I definitely think you should too! Check out more about them on their website.

It’s no secret that I’ve made my self a coffee shop connoisseur over the course of the Crawl. And while frequenting coffee shops was a habit I developed in my hometown, another was my love of outdoor hikes. For all my Monthly Subscribers, check out another hiking-based post after the end credits!

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