Coffee Crawl: She Brews Coffee House | Tulsa, OK

There’s a genuine part of me that can’t believe after three years of doing this, Tulsa hasn’t run out of coffee shops for me to visit. Not that I’m complaining.

This month’s coffee crawl has brought to She Brews Coffee House in northern Tulsa, Kendall-Whittier. This coffee shop actually has two locations, with the original having been founded in Claremore, Oklahoma back in 2012. It’s unclear when the Tulsa location opened its doors, but I’ve had this coffee shop on my list for at least a year now, so I finally decided it was high time to visit.

You can find She Brews Coffee House facing an intersection right off the highway, with other stores and businesses just across the street. Because of this high-traffic location, navigating parking was a little difficult. There’s a small gravel lot behind the building, and of course, limited street parking, so you do have options. For some reason, parking is just not my fit.

The inside is quite spacious, with a lot of natural light coming in through the tall windows lining the entire street-facing wall of the building. I’m a sucker for natural light, so we’ve got to give She Brews some extra points here.

There are a ton of community tables for large groups to sit and work or chat and hang. There are also a couple of sofas, so you and your gang can live out your Friends-themed dreams. I sat at a two-top near one of the many windows. While a lot of the smaller tables are isolated and great for getting work done at, I did notice that a few problems might arise if you’re planning on camping out here.

Number one, it actually gets pretty bright by the window. Direct sunlight isn’t the best for seeing your computer screen—or maintaining a healthy skincare regime. So it may be wiser to sit at a larger table closer to the middle of the shop. Number two, no nearby outlets. A few of the smaller tables and comfier seats don’t have easy access to an outlet. Neither do any of the big community tables. Now, when it’s not busy, you can easily plug your laptop or your phone in and just leave it on another table or the floor near an outlet—which is something I saw a few students doing. However, I felt like it was worth mentioning as someone who often looks at coffee shops as an extension of her home office. A girl’s gotta leave the house some time.

My drink of choice was an iced latte with oat milk. Sizing options weren’t clear from the menu and the barista made no notice of them either. My entire drink was almost $6 USD, including a tip, which seemed a bit on the pricey side to me.

Like most other coffee shops in the area, She Brews also offered featured food items of various prices. I can’t comment too much on their value though because I didn’t actually order anything to snack on. But it does seem like they have plenty of options depending on your mood. She Brews also had a few merch items on sale, including packages of their own beans from She Brews Roastery. You really get the full casual yet commercial coffee shop feeling here.

Overall, there was a lot to take in. My favorite things about She Brews Coffee House were definitely the natural light and the open space. I just love the down-to-earth feeling you can achieve by utilizing a space like this to its full potential—adding plants and comfortable seating go a long way as well.

She Brews also never felt loud or crowded. I was able to sit at my table for four or five hours, just working away at my computer. I also saw plenty of other people doing the same thing. With it being located just a few minutes away from the University of Tulsa, tailoring to the college student population is definitely working in its favor. Comfort and convenience make this a coffee shop to visit, for sure.

As always, please let me know what you thought down in the comments section below. And for more information about She Brews Coffee House—hours, location, menu items—check out their website!

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