Coffee Crawl: West Oak Coffee Bar | Denton, TX

I guess I’ve had too much coffee in the last month for it all to fit in just one Coffee Crawl post. Which explains this double post treat! Better than espresso, am I right?

During a recent trip to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas, I took some time out of my work-cation to finish up some posts and other articles at a coffee shop in Denton. Denton is a city located in the northern part of the metro. I ended up here after visiting a few friends from college. They took me around the Denton Square and actually commented on this particular café. Their recommendation was more than enough for me to go and check it out.

From the outside, West Oak looks small and like it would always be busy. Even the patio seating feels a little crowded under its shaded coverage. However, the inside was fairly spacious. Tables lined the wall opposite the coffee bar leaving a wide walkway for people to filter in, out, and throughout the building. And of course, social distancing rules were being followed accordingly, which we love to see.

Like most coffee shops, West Oak definitely lived up to the expected vibe. Local artists had work displayed on the wall, potted plants provided a homegrown touch, and there was even coffee-based merch on sale at the front. Despite the stark difference in the dark ambiance of this coffee shop and the brighter vibe of yesterday’s coffee shop, I found the earthy detailing from the wood and brick décor combo as well as the exposed bulb lighting here very classy. I don’t know how to paint you a better picture other than to say that it’s exactly what you would expect from a coffee shop tailored to creative and professional young adults who are success-driven but love to have fun in a small city frequently overlooked by its dominating neighbors to the south.

I ordered latte with lavender upon recommendation by the barista. I also ordered some breakfast potatoes, a sunny-side up egg, and a slice of bacon—prepared together in a meal they called “The Homestead,”—because I hadn’t actually had a full meal yet despite it already being one in the afternoon.

I think this was the first time I’d ever had lavender in my coffee—and I LOVED it. It was a light flavor that didn’t overpower the essence of the latte itself, but still added something special to the drink overall. The Homestead was good too, although, it felt a little strange to me eating a full breakfast while clattering away at my laptop. You could tell that something was just a little off and that they definitely didn’t specialize in making meals. West Oak is a coffee shop, first and foremost, and that’s where they shine.

I don’t know if it was just the time of day I found myself here, but I really liked the fact that West Oak wasn’t completely packed during my visit. It was easy to find a table I could spread out at, which always rewards bonus points in my eyes. Parking was a little bit more difficult, but because West Oak is located in the heart of the main square, this was to be expected.

Its location honestly works in its favor. There are several places to eat and drink around, an ice cream shop, a used bookstore, and even plenty of grassy space to just sit and lounge after a long day of working inside.

Complete with an inspiring origin story and a heartwarming mission, West Oak aims to be a coffee shop with purpose. While we live in a world where young businesses are always trying to do the next “best” thing, it’s still worth mentioning that the choice exists. And West Oak is upholding a standard for themselves to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Thoughts on West Oak Coffee Bar? Do my descriptions do the pictures justice? Let me know in the comments section down below! And if you want more information about West Oak—their menu, their story, or anything like that—you can head on over to their website to check them out!

I’m always looking for new coffee shops to visit, especially on my adventures. So if you have any suggestions, leave those in the comments too!

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