Why Social Activism Is Important

If I'm being honest, I really struggled trying to find the words to piece this article together. Social activism is a difficult topic to conquer in just one sitting, but it is an important one to talk about—especially as our political climate gets more and more complex. Social activism isn't a "learn-and-do" sort of action. … Continue reading Why Social Activism Is Important

Summer Essentials—In the Midst of a Pandemic

Memorial Day Weekend brings the socially recognized start to the summer holiday here in the United States. And while things are certainly a little bit different than last year's Memorial Day Weekend, I think there's still ample opportunity to get excited over the most adventurous and relaxing season of the year. Whether you're planning outdoor … Continue reading Summer Essentials—In the Midst of a Pandemic

Day 49

Before you ask, yes, I've been counting. I need something to do with these restless thoughts of mine, so I've been counting the days since I last saw you. I hope you're doing okay, wherever the hell it is you've decided to run away to this time. I wish you were here. So I could … Continue reading Day 49