Pieces of Love

This poem is written a little bit differently than the first few I uploaded to the blog in celebration of National Poetry Month. I wrote this poem entirely inspired by cut our words from a handful of old magazines. This was actually a fairly challenging process, especially considering I’d never done anything like this before, but I also had a lot of fun really rooting myself in creativity, trying to find words I thought would fit well together before I even put them together. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my short piece.

The moment you find a love,

A mind,

A heart,

The soul you know you match with,

From now through life

Our years together are made of what only matters,

Happy love

Because it’s you and me,

Making our perfect story

* * *

I’m so incredibly happy that I was able to share a month of poetry with all of you! Please make sure to leave me comments on these posts or messages on the Contact page letting me know what you thought of these new poems, and if you’d like me to do something similar in the future!

And just because National Poetry Month is coming to a close doesn’t mean you have to stop loving it, reading it, or writing it—I definitely won’t. Continue sharing with me all of your favorite poems!

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