Fall Fun | Five Easy and Inexpensive Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you’re like me, the Halloween costume planning has been virtually non-existent up until this point. Even if you’re planning on staying home, getting dressed up is still a simple way to have fun with the holiday. Since the big weekend is only a few days away, I put together a list of easy and inexpensive costume ideas that’ll work for a night out on the town or snuggling up by the fire.

But First, Let Me Be a Coffee

Long time followers of the blog won’t be surprised to see me sneak a coffee reference in here. A coffee-based Halloween costume is great because it can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. You could quickly grab a long white t-shirt and draw a Starbucks logo on the front as you’re rushing out the door for Halloween party. I totally drew that logo on myself, by the way…


Or, if you have a little bit more time and a little bit more money, you could order a full-body coffee cup costume online—to represent the other major coffee industry in America.


This costume idea also works for small children and couples—a classic coffee and donut breakfast, maybe? And if dressing up as coffee itself isn’t exactly your style, you could always try grabbing a green apron and an old Starbucks cup and showing up as a barista. Just be prepared to take everybody’s coffee order.

“I’m a Mouse, Duh.”

It doesn’t get much easier than dressing up like a mouse or any other kind of animal. All you need is a colored t-shirt—the color depending on your animal, of course—some ears, and maybe a tail or claws—again, depending on your animal. And just like the coffee cup costume you can make it as simple or as complicated as you want to. Wear some fun shoes, maybe some jewelry, don’t be afraid to spice it up! Take it from Karen Smith herself!

Mean Girls

Nothing Spells Fall Like a Pumpkin

SPOILER: This is what I’m dressing up as for Halloween! I got my cute little pumpkin shirt from a Halloween store, but there are several ways to dress up like the classic fall squash.


Colored shirts seem to be a theme in this blog post—only because they’re easy to find and easy to buy. You’ll need to do some art work—draw some green leaves near the neckline, maybe a face to be festive—but the do-if-yourself option is still the fastest and cheapest way to pull off this costume. I would round out your costume with some black pants or leggings and black shoes. I’ve seen some people carry around pumpkin Halloween baskets too. Headpieces and face paint are optional.

Your Favorite (Made Up) Superhero

Superheroes are never not in when it comes to dressing up. But, if you want to change up this classic costume idea, consider going as your own made up superhero! Have fun with it—come up with own alter ego, your super powers, and most importantly, your all-star costume. Just remember—NO CAPES.

The Incredibles, via imgur.com

Halloween 2021

Some of the most searched costumes this year revolve around pop culture and current events. Examples include:

A Squid Game player. You could very easily refurbish a grey t-shirt and a green hoodie for the purposes of this costume. Fake blood is optional.

Squid Game, Netflix via buzzfeed.com

Or the COVID vaccine. A bit harder if you’re trying to buy the costume from a Halloween store or even online—or if you’re trying to dress up in an outfit fit for the stars, like Brendan McCann, pictured below. But a nude or light colored dress with a handful of plastic syringes might do the trick. If you’re not afraid to mess up your outfit a little, you could draw a syringe design on your clothes to really sell the illusion.

Brendan McCann, Insider

Or literally anyone from the Met Gala. Take inspiration from McCann—just make your own Met Gala outfit! For a simple idea, I suggest Kim Kardashian’s full body black dress.

Mike Coppola, Getty Images via buzzfeed.com

Embrace the craziness that was 2021 and use it to create the best Halloween costume you can!

I tried to make these suggestions a little out-of-the-box for those of you who want to be the talk of the town at your best friend’s Halloween party. Let me know if any of these costume ideas peaked your interest! Drop pictures of your costumes or any suggestions you have for last-minute costumes in the comments section down below!

I’m also publishing a post about everybody’s favorite part of Halloween—Halloween candy! So make sure to check back to read more about that!

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