Fall Fun | The Internet’s Top Five Favorite Fall Activities

There’s no shortage of fun to be had this fall—or any fall really. This season has always been filled a variety of engaging activities to fill your days—both the warm and cozy and the creepy and spooky. With so many options to choose from, how are you ever supposed to decide how to best spend your fall days? Well, I’ve turned to our most trusty advisor—the Internet—to help you figure out what you should do for your next fall adventure!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Let’s start with the obvious—getting dressed up in your best fall colors, grabbing your camera and handful of your friends, and visiting your local pumpkin patch. Whenever I think of fall, I always get excited thinking about taking a hay ride around a field while sipping on my hot apple cider, posing *candidly* for pictures all while dreaming up the best design to carve into my pumpkin later that evening.

Pumpkin patches are generally a fall staple, so chances are wherever you live, they’ll be one nearby. And most have a variety of different activities in addition to pumpkin picking that’ll keep you occupied for hours.

If visiting a pumpkin patch is always on your list of fall activities and you’re thinking about switching it up this year, try visiting an orchard or a farm and picking apples and whatever other fruits and vegetables they have available.

Host a Backyard Bonfire

As the weather starts to cool, gathering around a bonfire is a great way to stay warm outside. You and your friends can roast marshmallows for s’mores while sharing ghost stories around the fire—or silly jokes if you want to keep things lighthearted. The great thing about gathering around a small bonfire is you can do this on a remote camping trip or just in the comfort of your own backyard!

This might also be a great time to host a Friendsgiving dinner. Before lighting up the fire, invite your friends to bring over their favorite Thanksgiving dishes and share a big meal in each other’s company.

Try Football Tailgating

For all the sports fans out there, you’ll know that fall season means football season. Game tickets can be pricey, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pack up your bros with some burgers and brats and head to the stadium for a classic tailgate. Sports have a way of bringing people together, so there’s always a good chance you’ll make a couple of rowdy new friends and exciting new memories after a tailgating experience.

Other sports-related activities suggested by the Internet include playing a game of touch football or hosting a watch party.

Get Spooked at a Haunted House

Now we’re getting into the hair-raising, spine-chilling side of fall season. I don’t love the spooks and scares, but the fall season almost demands at least a scary movie be watched or a haunted house be visited. Rope your friends into going to haunted house with you—friends that scare together, stay together!

If you still want to be in Halloween spirits, but don’t care for a scare, there are plenty of Halloween movies that aren’t too frightening. Listening to Halloween music or decorating your house for the holiday are also great suggestions.

Enjoy a Fall Night In

Fall fun doesn’t necessarily need to be had outside of your home. Break out your warmest blankets and your pumpkin-scented candles and have a movie night. Or dress up in your Halloween costumes and host a costume party. Or spend your day trying out new pie recipes. The options are literally endless!

We covered a lot of the Internet’s favorite fall activities, but there’s definitely more out there you can do. Leave some of your favorites in the comments section down below!

If you’re looking for more fall-related material, then stay tuned! Because this week on the blog is all about fall fun—Halloween candies, haunted houses, fall movies, and more!

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