Poems About Who?

Two weeks ago I made a pretty big announcement concerning an upcoming project I’ve been working on and keeping to myself for most of this year. If you haven’t been following my updates very closely—you can fix that by giving me a follow on Facebook and Instagram—then you probably don’t know that I’m publishing another book! You read that right—on 18 October 2020, my second poetry collection, Poems About You, will be available for digital purchase!

While this may seem like some sort of after-effect from the global pandemic, I’ve actually been planning this release for about a year now—even before I announced I was going to be publishing SPACES. I didn’t have everything figured out then—and there are still some things I have left to figure out before the release in two months—but I knew I wanted to write a book about love—that’s the “you” in Poems About “You,” by the way (insider scoop).

I’ve always found the concept of love to be incredibly complex. And I think that’s why I love writing about it. There are so many topics regarding love that you can explore that I feel like I could write 50 love poems and still have barely scratched the surface. But I didn’t feel like SPACES was the right outlet for all of these poems. Hence, the new book.

Now you may be wondering, “Samantha, you said that you could write 50 love poems and still have the mental and creative capacity to write more, so why does this collection only have 17 poems?” That’s a great theoretical question, blog readers. Sometimes I come across this problem where I’m writing several poems a week and I think I’m having a great run until…I read my work over a few days later and realize that I’ve essentially written the same poem over and over again just with different words. I don’t think I’m the only creative that’s ever run into this problem, but because of that, I’ve tried to be a little bit more cautious when it comes to producing content. As I moved through the writing and production process of this book, I felt that the 17 poems I chose were the perfect blend to tell the stories I wanted to tell without becoming redundant.

You may have caught the fact that earlier in this post I said that this book would only be available digitally. That’s because there are only 17 poems inside. It’d honestly be more like a pamphlet if I put in the time to create a physical copy, which is why I decided to only release it digitally…at least, for now.

Because this is a Poetry post, and almost certainly my last for awhile, I didn’t want to leave you guys without a poem. This is a poem you’ve likely already read, but you may not have known that it’s going to be in my new book! “Day Drinking” was written earlier this year and it isn’t your typical love poem. It’s kind of the murky cross between a love poem and a heartbreak poem. For me, it symbolizes a good, fun love that you wish could last forever but unfortunately you know can’t. Whether it’s because you both want different things long-term or your current circumstances are forcing you apart, the relationship this poem symbolizes has an expiration date. “Day Drinking” represents a big switch in tone as you read through Poems About You, so keep that in mind for when I finally release the content list or perhaps more poems from the book. You can read “Day Drinking” here.

I hope you don’t miss these Poetry posts too much, and I hope to be back bigger and better than ever. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for 18 October 2020 and the release of Poems About You. I can’t wait to share it with you!

* * *

If you haven’t heard already, this is going to be my last Poetry post until Poems About You comes out in October. Sometimes I have a history of overcommitting, and I don’t want to promise new poems when I might so easily find myself busy getting the final touches together on the book.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still re-read all my other poems—my debut poetry collection, SPACES, is on sale for 25% off its original price right now! I also publish a lot of short-form poems on Facebook and Instagram, so make sure to give me a follow. If you like the content I produce, poetry and otherwise, please please please subscribe to the blog and check out my Patreon page so I can keep creating fun pieces for you guys! Thanks so much for reading, and I’ll see you guys next week!


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