Day Drinking

starts with a mimosa, or two,

orange for me, something new each time for you

pair it beautifully with eggs and lox

while we sit on the porch of our favorite brunch place

loosing memories of when the days were cold

and we were alone

because none of that matters now in this company

day drinking with you

turns into downing whiskey sours and beers

at some local food and art expo

buying stickers and magnets and socks we won’t use

but I’m happy we bought them anyway

because even at the bottom of the bag

they make me think of you

I almost like you better when you’ve had a few drinks in you

I think it makes it easier to get you to speak your mind

and to pose for formal pictures in long dresses

slipping onto floaties in the middle of a pool

in a backyard we don’t recognize

either way, it doesn’t matter

you also turn into a philosopher when you’ve had too much wine

so serious to impress

sometimes you forget I’m the Aristotle of this relationship

or maybe I’m confusing Aristotle for Michelangelo or Shakespeare

or perhaps I’m more of a Dickinson or a Plath

anyway, that doesn’t really matter

we don’t know enough about either to be any kind of magistrate

the vodka we drink burns in my throat

but I can’t tell if that’s just the alcohol or the tears breaking out of my body

like a spilled secret of an overflowing trash can

you’re a vision in the UV light from the television screen

laying back on the sofa after a long day of work

stealing sliders from the office break room

I’ll be waiting with the cuddles and plans to call in for the rest of the week

so we can finally take that trip to Bhutan we’ve been talking about for so long

or we can just stay in and lounge around

wishing day drinking dreams were real

vodka’s a good drink to end this on

but I don’t want to waste these moments drinking or dreaming

I guess that’s really what I’m trying to tell you

* * *

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