SPACES–a collection of poetry

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to publish a book. And now it’s finally happening! While this process and product hasn’t turned out exactly how I thought it would all those years ago, I couldn’t be more proud and excited for what it actually is.

If you’ve kept up with the blog recently, you know that in 2019 I started getting into poetry–reading and even writing. I’ve danced around how challenging 2019 was for me to go through, and I realized that poetry actually helped me work out a lot of those raw emotions I was having about myself and my life. And once I started writing my own poems, I couldn’t stop. I started playing around with this idea of publishing some of them before I realized I could form a collection of all these beautiful pieces I had written. And that’s how SPACES was born.

Named after the idea of the spaces we inhabit as people, every poem in the collection explores some kind of space–whether that be the space between two lovers, the space between future you and past you, or the space between you and your favorite pastime. I tore off pieces of myself and wrapped words around them to form a lot of these poems. But there are still some that are more fiction than others. It doesn’t really matter which one is which–every poem tells a story and every poem is important to the overall collection.

Just like this blog, SPACES is incredibly important to me for so many reasons, and I’m really excited to be able to share it with you! The full collection will be available to purchase on Amazon Kindle eBook and paperback on Sunday, 19 January. And work through the editing and publishing process, you’ll definitely see all the updates right here!

Some of the poems that belong to the collection have already been published on samanthasabio. Don’t worry if you’ve missed them, you can check out the Poetry page of the blog for links to all my poetry-related posts. I can’t wait for you all to read it!



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