A Day in the Life

This is it, what you’ve all been waiting for… I’m going to take you through my typical Thursday! I’ll touch a little bit on my morning routine, the classes I attend, and any meetings I have. So hang on to your hats because I’m about to blow your mind with how luxuriously I live. Oh, and make sure to read until the end for a new opportunity to interact with me!

9:30 am

Chances are really high that I just woke up. Chances are even higher that I won’t get up for another fifteen minutes. Which isn’t great because I have to leave for class by ten.

10:10 am

I hate to admit it, but usually I’m just now leaving my apartment to head to campus. Parking isn’t great at my university, so I usually have to park really far away from where my class is and then trek over.

Today I found a fairly close parking spot. I’m a couple minutes late to class, but the spot was totally worth it. All semester we’ve been working on this project where we create our own nongovernmental organization- topped with its own mission statement and programs. We’re presenting our website and essentially everything we’ve been working on for this organization today in class. We were by no means the best group, but we weren’t the worst either. Sometimes “good enough” is all you need.

11:45 am

My first class is over! If my bank account says it’s okay, I usually grab something at the Starbucks across the street. I have driven all the way back to my apartment for a quick lunch or have had to tough it out until 3 pm when my last class ends though. The life of a college student, amirite?

12:00 pm

My next class doesn’t start for another hour and a half, but I’ll go ahead and walk over to the building and sit at one of the tables to get some work done. When I’m really focused, sometimes I surprise myself with how much I can do. Today’s not one of those days. I spent the entire hour scrolling through my Instagram “Explore” page.

1:30 pm

I haven’t had to go to my Strategic Communications class for almost an entire month. The premise for the class is that we’re acting as a PR agency by working on executing campaigns for a nonprofit of the professor’s choosing. So for the last month, we haven’t had class so we can work on carrying out the campaign events. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been nice having that extra time every week, but ironically, not meeting has made it really hard to effectively communicate with everyone in the class. Who’s running events? Where are we holding them? Are we giving anything away? Beats me.

We talked about the progress of our campaign in class today. I feel like our professor’s judging our sad failure, but she doesn’t say anything. Now we just need to put together a book and presentation for the nonprofit we’ve been working for. Hopefully our communication for this final project goes a little smoother.

2:45 pm

I’m free! I don’t have classes on Friday’s, so sometimes I’ll use Thursday’s as my weekend and then get right back to the grind the next day. But since I didn’t get much work done earlier, I go back to my table and try to work on uncompleted assignments. I’m not much more successful than I was earlier. Maybe it’s because I started watching Captain America: Civil War to prepare myself to see the highly-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War, Part One with friends tomorrow…

5:00 pm

I’m a member of a sorority and we get free dinner every Thursday at our house. I’m sure it’s supposed to be a great way to bond with your sisters, but nobody really gives much thought to it apart from the free food aspect. Unless I completely skipped breakfast and lunch, I’m usually not hungry until after six, but one of my best friends needed to eat dinner earlier today so that she could meet up with a group to work on a project right after.

6:00 pm

I’m done with dinner. That friend I was talking about earlier is extremely studious. After we eat we usually go up to the study and, well, study. But because she’s not here to keep me in check, I call up another friend and ask her if she wants to hang out.

7:30 pm

This new friend had class until now, but she’s done to go hangout. I pick her up and we both realize…we didn’t quite plan out what we wanted to do. We end up driving aimlessly around, even going to Oklahoma City. A slight waste of gas, but a small price to pay for catching up.

10:00 pm

We’re going to see I Feel Pretty! Go to the cinema is like a staple of our friendship. There was really no point fighting against it- we both knew this was going to happen.

12:00 am

Not a bad film. It was funny, if not slightly self-depreciating…but what more can you really expect from an Amy Schumer film. No really, it shared an important message about societal standards of beauty, which is always necessary in our world today. But now I’m tired and it’s time to go home.

I drop my friend off and head home. The plan was to eat some Pizza Rolls before bed, but I’m so tired that doesn’t even happen. Oh well.


And that’s my life! Well, a day of it anyway. I had to get everything in there, so we’ll say that’s the reason for my late update this week. Currently working on excuses for the rest of the weeks. Let me know what you think of my super exciting existence/if there’s anything in my routine that’s similar to yours!


I realize that this is one of the few times I’ve let you into the inner-workings of my life. If you enjoyed it, then I’ve got an exciting opportunity for you! On Thursday, 10 May I’m going to be uploading a Q&A, addressing all of YOUR questions! If there’s something you’re just dying to ask me, leave it in the comments section below or send me an email through the “Contact” form that can be found at the top and the bottom of the web page. This is the first time I’m doing something like this, and I’m really excited for you all to be a part of it!


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