Happy (Day After) Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean the celebration is! The day after the infamous holiday of love is just as exciting- and here’s why. Check out this list of Five Favorites For February 15!

Can I have a reservation please?

What are the odds of getting a reservation at a nice restaurant on Valentine’s Day? Little to none. Some places are even booked on the days leading up to Valentine’s. But after the holiday passes, restaurants are just waiting for you to come and fill their empty tables. You finally have a chance to order that perfectly cooked filet mignon.

What’s a couple?

It seems that Valentine’s Day is full of loved-up couples- holding hands and exchanging presents. Everywhere you turn, there’s another couple. But on the day after Valentine’s Day, everyone returns to their own routines and signs of affections aren’t nearly as prominent. Do couples even exist outside of this one day?

Treat Yo Self!

February 14 may be about the couples, but February 15 is all about you! Use this day to acknowledge all your amazing traits- how you make yourself laugh, that 4.0/job promotion you got last year, or your that sweater you snatched on sale. Take yourself to the spa, buy yourself some flowers, and celebrate everything that makes you great.

Sales and Deals!

This is my personal favorite thing about the day after Valentine’s Day! Half-priced chocolate, am I right? And we don’t even have to stop there- flowers, shoes, even jewelry can be found with great discounts the day after Valentine’s Day. It makes treating yourself so much easier!

The Countdown Begins

And if you’re just totally against celebrating Valentine’s Day, with all its sweet gestures and cheesy cards, than enjoy the fact that the holiday is now over. We’re now the furthest away we’ll be from having to celebrate it again. 364 days left to go!

Well there you have it. Make sure to show this day some love too! Are you a bigger fan of Valentine’s or the day after it? Make sure to share your opinion in the comments section below!


Also, for those of you who haven’t heard, I’m going to be releasing my very first short story collection exclusively to this website! I’m really excited about letting this work loose and I hope you’ll all enjoy it! I’ve just released a couple new details, so be sure to check out “ATTENTION AVID READERS!” to stay up-to-date on all of that news! Thanks again for reading!


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