Dear Future Sam

I’m extremely skeptical of New Year’s resolutions. It’s easy to set goals for the new year, treating it as a clean slate. And I’m not saying it can’t be. But I think sometimes we put a little too much pressure on the idea of a “new year” that we maybe we grow to expect our goals to just happen without really working at them.

I want to use what I learned in 2017 to shape where I want 2018 to go. And where is a better place to do that than on my blog for all of you to see- maybe I’ll be more inclined to follow through on them!

Take some time to think about all the things you want to change moving forward this new year. If you want, share them with me down in the comments!


Dear Future Sam,

2017 was particularly difficult in a lot of different ways. But it’s a new year, which means you have a butt load of chances to turn it around. Here are some things you should keep in mind in 2018.

  1. Follow through. Planning is definitely one of your strong suits. But sometimes you spend so much time figuring out when to carve out time to write your next blog post instead of just getting it done. Make plans in 2018, but be better about making sure those plans happen.
  2. Be a doer. Speaking of getting stuff done, you have a tendency to live in what you see happening for yourself if you get a prominent internship…four months from now. Or if you publish your best-selling novel…two years from now. None of these things are going to happen if you just dream them. You have to be a doer.
  3. Be more accessible. Do make sure you’re making time for the people who are most important to you. It’s not fair to put the pressure on them to text you every time they want to watch a film or get some lunch. You have to meet them halfway and give them something to work with.

Make yourself open to change and development in 2018, but don’t forget about the little things from 2017 you want to keep in your life!

  1. Taking care of yourself. 2017 taught you a lot about putting your needs and wants first. It’s not wrong to sacrifice a little bit for others. Just don’t let yourself get too distracted feeding the world that you go hungry.
  2. Learning to accept failure. There were a lot of things that didn’t go your way in 2017. While it was hard to accept, you took it all in stride, putting forth your best effort to remove anger and jealousy from your heart. Remember all the good that comes out of not always getting what we want.

Self-awareness is going to get us places this year. It’s going to be what we make it, so let’s make it a good one.

Happy New Year,

Past Sam


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