Take a Trip

For most, summer is the time for travel. There’s just something about this season that says, “Take a trip!” However, packing to travel isn’t always a simple feat. It’s more than just making sure you have enough pairs of underwear or playing suitcase Tetris to get everything to fit. Whether you’re traveling across the pond or just the next town over, it’s important to make sure you’ve packed your travel essentials.

Your travel essentials are going to be unique to you—and sometimes unique to your situation. Right now, I’m taking a road trip down to Miami, Florida before boarding a cruise ship to the Bahamas. While there may be a couple things on my Travel Essentials list that are a little more tailored to road adventures, most are appropriate for any type of travel!


A killer playlist is definitely the number one essential for a truly rockin’ vacation! Whether I’m driving in a car or flying on a plane, I need my headphones to listen to my favorite tunes and get in the mood for my vacation ahead. If you’re on your way to the beach or the lake, a speaker is a great way to give everyone in your group a chance to party with you!

A good book to read

I get motion sick pretty easily, so sometimes it’s hard for me to read anything when I’m in the car. But I still like to make sure I have a good book or two packed away in my bag for those late night/early morning reads. It isn’t a bad idea to catch up on a couple chapters of Thirteen Reason Why at the airport or on the plane either.


Don’t get blinded by the sun cruising down the highway. Sunglasses are a simple and stylish way to block out those crazy rays. I always have a pair (sometimes two) or my favorite Aviators on hand.


Tanning is nice, burning isn’t. Make sure you have enough bottles to enjoy a carefree day at Venice Beach or a wild hang gliding adventure through Rio de Janeiro. Don’t forget to reapply every hour or so.


Hydrate or die! The summer heat can get pretty intense sometimes, so it’s always important to have a bottle of water ready to quench your thirst.

Comfy clothes

If you’re going to be spending twelve hours stuck in a car, it’ll pay to wear clothes you can breathe in. Try Nike shorts and an oversized t-shirt. This outfit doesn’t take a lot of preparation either. Depending on where you’re going or coming from, airports can get kind of chilly, so try out a pair of thin sweatpants to keep from getting too cold.

Neck pillow

Speaking of staying comfortable, storing up on sleep on the journey to your dream destination sounds pretty smart to me. You won’t want to be tired and cranky while your backpacking through Europe or seeing the Pyramids in Egypt. A neck pillow will help make sure you don’t get any of those painful aches in your neck or shoulders.

A laptop

This is probably the easiest item to take off this list if you find you don’t have room in your carry-on for everything. I like to have my laptop handy so I can write and stay in touch with all of you! Some airplanes or ships have Wi-Fi available so you don’t have to miss out on the newest episode of Riverdale! A laptop can keep you occupied on the long train ride to grandmother’s house.

A camera

Pic or it didn’t happen! Whether it’s a Kodak or a Go-Pro, having a good quality camera on hand will ensure all those memories you’re making with family or friends are captured and never forgotten.


Obviously you’re going to need some shopping money for souvenirs and that cute bamboo purse. Not many people carry around cash these days, but it may be the better choice while you’re traveling. Some authentic, hole-in-the-wall places might not take credit cards, and you don’t want to miss out on swimming with the dolphins just because they don’t take Visa. Plus it’s much easier to limit your spending when you only have one hundred dollars to spend (unfortunately, vacations don’t last forever, and you don’t want to go back home broke).


And that concludes my list of travel must-haves! What are some things you need to have in your bag when you travel? Are there any things on my list you can relate to? Let me know in the comment section below! And stay tuned for deets on my latest adventure!


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