Along Lake Champlain | Burlington, VT

Calling bikers, families and beach lovers alike! I’ve found the perfect spot for any outdoor lover right here in northern Vermont—not that Vermont is short of things to do in the great outdoors! But Lake Champlain definitely stands out above the rest.

In Burlington, you’ll find restaurants, parks, beaches and more all along a peaceful trail hugging the beautiful Lake Champlain. Watch my video and witness it for yourself!

Lake Champlain in Burlington is a popular place, attracting so many different kinds of people. The Island Line Trail itself stretches anywhere from 13.4 to 14.5—depending on where you start. But that means you get anywhere from 13.4 to 14.5 miles of park lawns, beaches, restaurants and shops and more! Not 10. Not 20. 13.4 (or 14.5).

Do yourself a favor and visit the lake and the trail if you ever find yourself up here. And do me a favor and take the ferry across the lake while you’re at it! Here’s a map of where the ferry takes off, some of the places I saw along my walk and even more in-between!

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