Manifesting 2022: I Don’t Even Know What I’m Doing Anymore…

New year, new Manifest. And this time, we have no idea what we’re doing.

This year’s Manifest was actually one of the hardest ones for me to write since I started manifesting. And strangely, it’s because I actually accomplished a lot more off of my 2021 Manifest list than I thought I would.

Which is great! But then I realized this pressure to manifest even more for myself in 2022. I was also stuck in a hard place when I realized that I completed a lot of things on my 2021 Manifest list because there were several things I put on there that were a part of plans and goals already in motion—impending trips, for example. I really wanted to find a balance between manifesting things I knew I could accomplish with dedication, while also allowing myself to indulge in the randomness the Manifest list is supposed to bring into your life.

This led to a few repeat items, a few serious goals, as well as a few strange “would be cool if it happened” items.

For those of you who are new here and have no idea what I’m talking about, the Manifest list is my version of a “New Year’s Resolution.” Borrowed from one of my favorite podcasts—the LadyGang—the Manifest allows you to set your intentions for the upcoming year across nine categories in your life, listed below. At the start of every year, I like to go through my Manifest list with all of you—for accountability, ideas, and just a little bit of fun. If you’re curious to see how the Manifests usually go for me, you can search for some of my older ones or learn more about the idea of the Manifest.


Go on a trip with friends— Let’s start this Manifest off with an item carried over from 2021. Travel has looked quite different in the last two years than it ever has before. But I think with certain parts of the world—and definitely America, if you live in the States—starting to open up again, we can manifest a fun travel hangout with all our best buds this year.

Host a dinner party with/for friends— As an adult, hanging out with your friends sort of shifts from throwing wild college parties to hosting tamer gatherings—like inviting everyone over for a potluck dinner. You can determine where the alcohol takes you from there!


Travel with my brother— Another old Manifest item that we didn’t have a chance to accomplish in 2021. But, maybe this year?

Send out Christmas cards with Sebastian— I think it’s absolutely adorable when people take holiday photos with their pets. Which is why I’ve decided this year, I’m making a big effort to take some with mine—Sebastian, my fish. Yeah, you read that right.


Write another book— The last book I published was in the fall of 2020. Since then, I’ve had high hopes to publish another one. And after some misses, I’m manifesting that 2022 will finally be the year for it.

Get over 250 subscribed followers on the blog— I’ve been writing on this blog on and off for the past five years. This year, we’re not only manifesting consistency, but we’re also manifesting followers. So make sure to subscribe and help me reach that goal!


Start a consistent student loan payoff plan— Like most college grads, I’ve got a handful of student loans to pay off. Hopefully, this year I can make a dent in that number by being consistent with how much I can pay back.

Increase income— Broad, I know. But your spending money can’t responsibly increase without your income increasing too. And the money I’ve been spending has definitely been increasing, so this is an important Manifest item for me this year.


Run a mile in under eight minutes— I used to run a bit in college, but since then…nothing. I know setting a goal will help keep me motivated to run and improve.

Maintain a nighttime routine— In the last few months, I’ve nailed down a morning routine that works really well for me. All that’s left is manifesting a good nighttime routine to keep my days flowing smoothly from one to the other.


Decorate for the holidays— During the beginning of this last holiday season, I spent a lot of time traveling away from home. Coming back to the beautiful lights and decorations made me realize how much I love that aspect of the holidays.

Start decorating with frames— Very recently I’ve come into possession of several photos and prints, which of course, I put into some nice frames to hang around the house. I found that I really like the classic look of a framed picture and I want to try and start decorating my space with some.


Travel to all fifty states— Self-explanatory…if you were anybody else manifesting this. But this is something I’ve actually spent the last two years setting in motion. More details to come…

Go on a food tour— A lot of international destinations have food tours so that tourists can sample some of the local cuisine. Even if it’s in my home country, I’d love to try one of these!


Go on a date abroad— Traveling with a significant other would be like a dream for me. I’m manifesting a lot of love and adventure this year.

Make at least one new couple friend— This is the first time in a while that I’ve had a significant other during this time of the year. Which led me to come up with a lot of love manifestations that we could do together—like expanding our friend group with a new couple friend!

Fun & Self

Take a pole dancing class— Don’t make any assumptions—pole dancing is hard! It takes an incredible amount of muscle strength that I’m apparently convinced I can handle.

Attend a wedding— Believe it or not, in my twenty-something years, I’ve never been to a wedding. Friends, it’s time you start getting married and inviting me to your celebrations. I’m manifesting it this year!

Wear overalls (unironically)— Seriously? I could pull these off.

Start a collection— This came up after a conversation with some friends who have fairly vast collections of random items close to their hearts. I’m not much for collection stuff because I don’t like the clutter, but if I can come up with something useful and collectable, I’m there!

Pet a penguin— Always.

This isn’t the last time you’ll see this Manifest list in 2022. A year can give you a long time to forget about any goals or resolutions from January, so we’ll be revisiting this again sometime over the summer so I can update you guys on just how successful 2022 has been for manifesting. And in the meantime, you can start manifesting your own plans for this new year! Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section with me!

One of my manifestations for 2022 is to broaden our subscriber list for this blog. If you like my content, help a girl out and subscribe to the blog right here!

Following along on social media is also a great way for you to help me broaden our reach. Plus, I post updates, delays, and more behind-the-post content on socials, so make sure to follow along so you don’t miss out!


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