Coffee Crawl: Campos Coffee SLC | Salt Lake City, UT

Last week’s post was all about my latest trip to my 24th state—Utah. And for me, no trip is complete with a visit to a local coffee shop.

Campos Coffee has two locations—one in Salt Lake City and another in Park City, which is just an hour east of SLC. Campos Coffee does, however, have partnerships with local cafes all over Australia, which was where founder Will Young first realized coffee was where his life’s mission lay. They also have a presence in several other countries—Papua New Guinea, Kenya, El Salvador, and more—where they source their coffee.

Now I’ve visited a lot of coffee shops that boast their practices in roasting their own beans and supporting their communities. But Campos Coffee is the first one that was so forward about their efforts to be just an ethically good coffee company. Not only to they ethically source their beans, but they also make it a point to give back to those communities they’re buying from. So in the places like Papua New Guinea and El Salvador, Campos Coffee has built schools and bought equipment to increase efficiency in coffee farming. It’s just nice to hear that a coffee company not only cares that their beans are being harvested in a kind way, but also that those people that are harvesting them are heard and taken care of as well.

And if that wasn’t enough to want to make you drive over and buy a cup, take a look at their shop.

The design was modern and up-to-date without feeling too industrial or “big city.” The plants also gave it a very home-like, outdoor garden feel, which I liked. It’s altogether just really trendy.

There’s a parking lot out back for customers, so that doesn’t seem like it’d ever be a big issue. And it’s located just outside of the downtown area—you could probably walk here from Temple Square or the City Center.

I ordered a simple latte and settled in, my spread of papers covering one corner of this large shared table. I was actually sat by one of the workers, which I’m not sure is typical of the cafe or if this was merely a safety measure they put in due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Either I didn’t mind, and was actually really pleased by the hospitality. She even offered me still or sparkling water—how fancy!

Campos Coffee also offers food options, which is never a requirement for me when visiting a coffee shop, but I always think it’s a nice touch. Especially if I’m planning to camp out all day and just knock a bunch of work out. It’s nice to know I can just stay in one place without having to leave to get something to eat.

Cute place, good service, kind mission—this coffee shop was a great choice to visit during my short time in Salt Lake City. A lot of times I end up traveling to a new place last-minute or just without recommendations for places to see and things to do. So I typically do what anybody does when they’re trying to find out some information about something—I Google it. This place was at the top of many lists of coffee shops to visit while in Salt Lake City, and it did not disappoint. And now I’m telling you to go visit it too!

I’m always really excited when I get the opportunity to experience the coffee culture in another place outside of my hometown. And I love sharing these places with you! If you have a suggestion for the next coffee shop I should visit, let me know down in the comments section below or fill out the form on the Coffee Crawl homepage!

As always, a lot of my background information for these Coffee Crawl posts comes from not only what I find out in my visit, but also through my research online. If you want to know more about Campos Coffee—their values, their coffee, and more—make sure to check out their website!

I’ve still got some more Utah-centered content for you next week, so make sure to come back and check it out!

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