Brother’s Choice

While I appreciate the spontaneous moments in life, I am very much a planner. I like having a plan for, well everything—whether or not that plan ever comes into fruition. In an effort to challenge this sort of thinking a little and my ability to live without a plan, I decided to put that planning power into someone else’s hands.

About a week ago, I asked my brother to spend the day with me, with the idea that he would be in charge of our whole day. He took my request in stride and ended up not only choosing what activities I indulged in, but also what time I woke up, what clothes I wore, what food I ate, and so much more. I will admit, I was always in anticipation trying to guess what he had planned for us next. The whole experiment was a great way to let go of a little bit of that control and let someone else be in charge for a day. I think it was also a challenge for my brother to keep me entertained!

I think the most challenging part for me was breaking out of my routine and spending a day that wasn’t the typical definition of productive. I was away from my writing and my work for morning to night, and sometimes I would find myself thinking that I would be behind or that there was an assignment that I absolutely had to finish today. But there weren’t any real deadlines for me to meet that day, and I had to remind myself that one day wasn’t going to ruin my entire schedule.

Overall, I think we both learned how to take on new roles and do things a little bit differently than we normally would. Plus, we got to spend some quality sibling time together and who doesn’t love just goofing off with their siblings every now and again?

If you’re wondering what the actual day ended up looking like, you can check out this video to watch it all unfold!

* * *

How do you guys think he did? Have you ever challenged your routine in ways like this one? Obviously, I’m not a professional vlogger by any means, but this was so much fun to film and I hope you guys enjoyed getting to experience this day with me!

April is National Poetry Month, and as a poet myself, I, of course, have to celebrate! So for the rest of this month, I will be posting a new poem EVERY SINGLE MONDAY! So much poetry! I’m kicking off this poetry celebration tomorrow with a post about some of my poetry inspirations, favorite poems, and a little bit more about how I got into poetry! Don’t miss it!


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