Somewhere in the Middle

Beneath the moon I saw

The shadow of your thumb

Raised to the starlit sky

I held mine up next to the place

Where I thought yours might be

I reveled in the idea of us

Sharing this night together

Even with an ocean between us

Because the day was rushed

We moved from place to place

Like people walking down the streets of New York City

Always in a hurry

Like they’ve forgotten to turn the stove off or to feed the dog

Our last days together felt a little like walking in New York City

Pushing through the crowds toward an unknown destination

What was it that we forgot?

In my pocket I keep

The napkin from the hotel bar

The one we passed back and forth

Scribbling little love letters

On its crumbling skin

You slipped it into my jeans

As your alcohol-stained lips

Trailed up and down the curve of my neck

Some days disappear like

Wax on a candle

Melting slowly into nonexistence

Birthdays will come and go

Before all my wishes of you are gone

Earlier today

I disappeared like a tree falling in the forest

Quickly and alone

At the party you discovered

Your affinity for slow dancing to eighties rock music

No kicks or flails

Just our bodies pressed together

Your five o’clock shadow scratching at my face

My fingerprints stamping themselves into your back

Like we could be any closer

Sometimes I can still feel your breath on my hair

I want to be more like the color red




I want to leave you with a bitter taste

At the fire that leaves my mouth

But when you left

I think you took my voice with you

* * *

After a two month long hiatus, I’m so happy to be able to bring you a never-before-seen, original poem. If you enjoyed “Somewhere in the Middle,” make sure to check out more of my work in my debut poetry collection, SPACESavailable only on Amazon.


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