Throw or Keep

Do you have a lot of useless stuff lying around your house? What about clothes you clearly don’t wear anymore that are still hanging up in your closet because you’ve somehow convinced yourself that “you’ll wear it when you finally get invited to be Harry Styles’ date to the Grammys?” Feel seen yet? It’s okay, I’ve been there.

After moving five times in the last four years, I’ve definitely picked up a thing or two about stuff–how to store it, what’s necessary, and just how much a person can have. While I’ve acknowledged these things for a while, I haven’t exactly put anything cleaning-productive into practice. So I decided to turn on some Marie Kondo and get to work.

In case you haven’t been following the rising Marie Kondo and KonMari Method news over the last few years, Marie Kondo published multiple books on essentially effective cleaning. She even starred in her own Netflix documentary series last year where she helped people in all walks of life tidy up their space.

In an effort to clean up my messiest spacemy bedroomI employed a few of Marie Kondo’s tips to get through the process a little bit more efficiently and without feeling like I’d rather be literally anywhere else. Check out the video below to see how it went!

* * *

Give me all your best cleaning tips in the comments section below! And let me know what you thought about how I did this blog post and whether or not you want to see more posts like this! All of the footage seen was shot by me (with the help of my brother) and the music was taken from

UPDATE: This post was originally written to be January’s Lifestyle postI fell a little behind in editing and didn’t get it uploaded in time, hence why it’s being uploaded along with February’s Lifestyle post.



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